How to calm nerves in 3 easy ways

I’ll show you how to calm nerves in 3 easy ways. It’s simpler than you think. Feel calm, confident and ready to tackle your day by using these simple tips.

Knowing how to calm nerves is a life skill that will serve you, no matter the situation.

But you need to know that getting nervous is a completely natural human reaction, my Butterfly.

Social anxiety and fear of driving

Hi Eva, I have a fear of driving.

I’ve never learned, and I’ve always relied on my family or boyfriend for transport.

But I can see that this is wearing thin and since the start of the year my family and partner have been subtly encouraging me to get my license.

I feel like there is something invisible holding me back.

Like an energetic block that I can’t see that is literally pinning me down.

Do you have any advice or guidance for me?

2 tips to teach you how to not be nervous

Learning how not to be nervous is a skill that will build your confidence and will bring your social anxiety down to a more manageable level.

But you need to know this:

Nervousness is one of our most primitive instincts, my Butterfly.

So it’s natural to get nervous.

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