How to make friends with other women

When did learning how to make friends become so hard? If you are stuck wondering why everyone else seems to be on a different planet to you, and wish that other women were as open to making new friendships as you are – you NEED to read on.

How to overcome fear

It’s natural to want to know how to overcome fear.
But it’s important that you know:
It’s not that the fear will completely disappear, my Butterfly.
You will always have a little bit of fear.
Fear keeps you healthy.
Fear keeps you alive.
Fear stops you from running into the traffic or leaping off cliffs.

Fear of people

Your fear of people is real, my Butterfly.
However you experience it.
I’m not saying that you NEED to be fearful, or that your fear is warranted…
But you feel it, and there are many, many other people out there just like you.

Are we officially dating?

Wow… the mail just keeps on coming. Zandra asks “are we officially dating” in this one:
Hi Eva
I read your post yesterday about texting etiquette, and thought you gave great advice.
I know you’re not a dating coach, but, as I do suffer social anxiety – I can find dating and social conventions quite confusing.
Like you, I was out of the dating game for a long time.

Should I text him?

Subject Line: I met him on Saturday, it’s now Wednesday. Should I text him?
Hi Eva,
I suffer from severe social anxiety so it was like a dream come true when I met a guy (let’s call him “Mark”) on Saturday night.
Mark immediately put me at ease, and made me laugh – which is very hard to do.
We just clicked. I felt it, and so did he.

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