Am I an introvert?

A letter from Sylvia: Am I an introvert?
Hi Eva, I’ve always been quite a people-person and I usually have no trouble socialising.
Recently though, I’ve been feeling really tired and run down, and I’ve avoided needing to interact with people.

It’s worth learning how to be more positive

Learning how to be more positive is a simple matter of knowing how the brain works, and trying out this new thought process in harmony with your existing wiring.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just flip a switch and instantly become more positive, my Butterfly?
But it can be so hard when your mind, body and soul are feeling like any type of effort is a lie.

Why do I hate myself – the dreaded question

You look in the mirror, tears running down your face, and silently scream “Why do I hate myself?!”
If you knew how much you are loved, there’s no way you could ever hate yourself, my Butterfly.
All those supposed ‘flaws” and “things that are wrong” with you are part of your uniqueness and they make you who you are.

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