How to start a conversation when you have social anxiety

Learning how to start a conversation is a key skill in life, my Butterfly.
But it can be so hard to do when you have social anxiety.
I get it. I really do.
It can be so difficult to quieten that voice inside your head that says “She doesn’t like you – look, she’s judging you already, you look like an idiot” enough to spit words out that actually make sense – let alone conduct a 2-way exchange of opinions and value.

Am I going crazy with anxiety?

Going crazy is right up there on the list of all the fears people hold deeply, my Butterfly.

It’s no secret that anxiety can make you question your sanity.

Social anxiety affects your very ability to perceive the world.
The dizziness, the heart shakes, the churning stomach, the headaches that grip the base of your skull like a vice.

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