Hey Butterfly,


So it’s 2017. We moved back to Newcastle. My happy heart home 🙂


And I was expecting that, once we moved in here and got settled, that I would be back to work and everything would run like normal.


But the Universe had other ideas for me. I tried to sit down at my computer to write a blog post but… nothing came out.


Then I tried to do a video, and then when I read the transcription I realised… it sucked.


I did a couple of client sessions. Boom! Best ever. No problems with my connection when it comes to helping other people.


I did my group energy healing for January. No problems there either.


So I came back a few days later and tried to blog again.




So I went into meditation. I journalled. I cried. I allowed myself to be angry.


And here’s what I realised:


I need to work on my own connection. I need to spend the time that I would usually spend blogging and emailing, on getting quiet and listening and back into rhythm again.


Here’s what will continue:

All energy healing services

Social Anxiety Women’s Forum

Monthly group healing emails


Here’s what’s on hold until further notice:

Blog posts

Weekly emails from me, except for the monthly group healings. Those will continue.


Thank you for understanding, and for your love and support whilst I take the time to do what’s right for me.


I will be back in touch when I’ve got myself figured out. By that stage, I hope, I will have gone through this transition to a better and clearer connection, and will have even better, more useful and helpful blog posts to share.


Love + light

Eva xo

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