Nobody is 100% sure of the reason why they have been sent to this planet, my Butterfly.

That’s part of the mystery of life.

A good part of your challenge is: working out why you have been sent here, and what you are meant to be doing.

It’s true that you make an agreement with God and your Guides before you embark on this journey of life.

In this agreement, you look at areas of your soul’s development, and decide what challenges you will face in order to progress your knowledge.

And in this lifetime, you have social anxiety.

Let me be clear: Social anxiety is NOT your life purpose. Recovering from it is.

Social anxiety is (one of) your challenges.

Social anxiety is not who you are – rather, it’s an energetic block which prevents you from sharing the amazingness of who you are with the rest of the world.

And you are amazing. Definitely.

It’s a miracle that you were even born in the first place.

So here you are. In a life where you are constantly wondering what other people are thinking, and, honestly, wondering why the hell you are here.

You feel like social anxiety blocks you at every turn.

Any change in plans throws you for a loop.

Changes that “normal people” can accept without blinking really exacerbate how you feel.

New people.

New food.

Needing to eat new food in front of new people.

Too much. Might just stay at home.

Then the endless, tireless, cycle of anxiety/shame/anxiety keeps on turning.

And stops you from doing what you want to do.

Stops you doing what you need to do.

Stops you from connecting with your other humans.

Humans are pack creatures

Humans depend on communities to survive.

Family and community are essential elements to a happy and thriving human experience.

And really – a happy and thriving human experience is the reason why you are here.

And if you feel that it isn’t your right to be happy – this is part of the challenge that you need to overcome.

To work out why you feel you have no right to be happy.

To work out what makes you happy.

And to work towards things that make you happy.

Because it’s from these building blocks of basic needs that a human has – that will lead you to contribute to the growth and development of humanity as a whole.

And THIS, I can guarantee you, is a very large part of why you have been sent here, and is a BIG clue on what you need to do.

By growing and developing yourself, you also grow and develop humanity as a whole.

It’s a very important job.

Because inside you, is a spark.

At the moment, you might not feel it, because you have too many feelings of shame and inadequacy running around.

But the spark is deeper than those feelings.

And if you can’t feel it, the spark is deeper inside you than you dare to dig.

And that’s ok – I’m not asking you to dig everything up right now, I’m just asking you to accept that the spark is there.

Even if, right now, you feel that the spark is extinguished – let me assure you it’s still there, there is just something that’s energetically blocking you from being able to feel it.

What you do, when you are willing to ask yourself – and answer – some astute questions, is clarify where you are on your map.

Oh yeah – you were also given a map alongside your contract, so you can work out where you are along your journey at any given time.

My Butterfly: You are NOT useless, ugly, stupid, or unimportant.

The way you feel right now is simply muffling the real voice of your spark.

And today – I just want you to ask yourself this question:

“What would need to happen, for me to accept that there is a spark within me?”

Tell me.
Love + light
Eva xo

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