Has your anxiety ever paralyzed you? I’m not talking about the paralysis where you are in the midst of a panic attack in that moment and you’ve got that white flash of fear. I am talking more of the overall paralysis that can make you feel like you’ve hit a wall at any time.

Some people call it procrastination.

Some people call it lack of motivation. I tend to call it paralysis because that is really what it feels like. It is the feeling sometimes that you get when you get up in the morning and you get that dreaded early morning churning feeling in your stomach and you just don’t want to get out of bed and you’re really feeling almost like you are stuck there, you are stuck in bed and you can’t move forward and you can’t move out no matter how you try.

So this article is about moving forward and how to really move past that almost in spite of yourself.

It’s not as hard as it sounds.

The quick answer is not to force yourself. The quick answer is that when you are just feeling like that and you are feeling, ‘Oh, I have to get up. I have to go to work. I’ve got to get on with my day again, again, again.’ Just let go off that feeling. Let it go. Acknowledge it. Acknowledge that it is there. Know that you are feeling that way and just say, “I’m not going to fight with this. I am not going to force myself to do anything.”

This is NOT “giving in”.

It’s important not to think of this as a defeat. That it is not, ‘Oh, I can’t to bear to get myself out of bed. I’m just going to stay in my bed all day.’

Just acknowledge that that feeling is there and just let it be there. Say ‘I am just going to let it go and get on with things any way.’

The feeling that you’ll get is the feeling of release, a feeling of liberation, a feeling of I don’t have to fight against this feeling anymore and then something magical will happen.

Because the way the universe works and because we are always propelled in the direction of growth and because we are always propelled in a forward movement, time only moves forward it never moves backwards.

So because of this forward motion and the way the universe works you will naturally and effortlessly glide out of bed. You will get out of bed nice and quickly and easily and it won’t take any effort at all.

It doesn’t take any effort because you are no longer resisting the feeling.

You are acknowledging that feeling. You know that it is there. You are feeling that feeling but you are letting it go. You are allowing it to be there. You are not engaging with it.

You are not fighting with it. You are just saying that despite this feeling you will move forward and you will do it in your own time and then you glide yourself nice and gently and actually quite easily.

The reason why you haven’t done this before, or you may not have done it successfully in the past is because your fear has trained you for so long to keep you where you are, to keep you paralyzed and to keep you in that moment and stuck where you are.

Just acknowledging that and allowing that fear to be there and then letting go off the resistance and glide in yourself, is the way to go.

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