Social anxiety is distracting, my Butterfly.

And it can be hard to be objective enough to decide what type of treatment you need.

Or even if you want treatment in the first place.

Not everyone is ready to be healed.

There is a lesson inside each and every circumstance of your life.

But if you sit there stubbornly and refuse to learn – then there’s not a lot anyone can do for you until you are ready.

A willingness to heal is the first step.

A belief that it’s possible for you comes second.

And the drive to do whatever is needed – even stuff that might feel difficult or challenging in the short-term, is the third and most important thing.

Finding someone you trust enough with your future is a daunting but necessary part of this journey.

As is finding the healing modality that is right for you.

Because not every type of treatment will suit every person.

And just because you’ve tried a treatment in the past, and “failed” –

Does not mean that it will happen again.

You are continuously learning lessons in this life, my Butterfly.

You are NOT the same person you were yesterday

You are continually learning, growing and evolving.

Just because one way of healing doesn’t sit right for you, doesn’t mean you are a lost case.

NOBODY is a lost case.

If you are here, still living and breathing – then you are still in the game.

And your solution is just waiting for you to find it.

Be willing to heal.

Believe that you can.

And commit to putting in the time, effort and energy that it will take to get you there.

Declare to the Universe that you are willing to do these things

And your solution will show up for you.

The right solution for you.

It’s natural to feel a little doubtful –

Especially if you feel that you failed at treatment in the past.

You do need a strong ‘reason why’.

A motivation that is greater than your self.

Or that cracking realisation that you deserve better in life.

Because you do. You really do.

I would love to help you.

Love + light

Eva xo


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