Does anxiety cause exhaustion?

How does anxiety cause exhaustion? Do these symptoms feel familiar – fatigue, exhaustion, always tired? Find out how you can heal burnout caused by anxiety.

When you’ve lived with social anxiety for a long time, it’s only natural that fatigue and exhaustion will catch up with you.

Look online and you can read anywhere about the scientific stuff such as the fight/flight response and how adrenaline kicks in during times of peak stress – this blog post will talk about the energetic impact of anxiety on your aura.

Could anxiety cause dizziness?

Getting dizziness caused by anxiety? Could anxiety cause dizziness? The answer is YES – here’s what I personally did to stop dizziness from anxiety, naturally.
It was a Friday night. Actually – it was the 29th of April, 2016.
Matt (husby) was working overnight and I had made the last-minute decision to throw my son a Birthday party.

How to start a conversation when you have social anxiety

Learning how to start a conversation is a key skill in life, my Butterfly.
But it can be so hard to do when you have social anxiety.
I get it. I really do.
It can be so difficult to quieten that voice inside your head that says “She doesn’t like you – look, she’s judging you already, you look like an idiot” enough to spit words out that actually make sense – let alone conduct a 2-way exchange of opinions and value.

What IS friendship between women?

My Butterfly: What is friendship between women – what is it worth?

Can you really actually value the support, trust, honesty, wisdom and advice that comes from someone who is completely on your side?

Who knows and understands you at the very deepest level, and loves you for who you are?

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