How to end a friendship

Feeling like a bitch for wanting to know how to end a friendship?

Want to know how you can end it without hurting the other person?

Wondering if, with your social anxiety, you will notice a massive hole in your life and whether you will make new friends to fill that void?

How to be a good friend

It should be fairly simple, shouldn’t it, my Butterfly?
I mean, how to be a good friend should be a fairly straightforward thing.
Most people just think, “How would I like to be treated?” and then do that.
But the thing is: Not everyone needs the same thing at the same time.
And there will be times when you are definitely at a loss about what is the right thing to do or say, or whether doing or saying ANYTHING is the right thing at all…

I need friends, why is this so hard?

Are you feeling lonely out of nowhere, my Butterfly?
Or is this something that has been building up over time?
Is “I need friends” creeping into your thoughts, more and more regularly?
It’s probably a bit of all of these things if you’re honest – it’s been building up slowly over time due to social anxiety but it’s only now that your loneliness has reached critical mass so you notice it enough for it to really affect you.
The first thing to note is, that this loneliness has nothing to do with YOU fundamentally, as a person.

How to overcome fear

It’s natural to want to know how to overcome fear.
But it’s important that you know:
It’s not that the fear will completely disappear, my Butterfly.
You will always have a little bit of fear.
Fear keeps you healthy.
Fear keeps you alive.
Fear stops you from running into the traffic or leaping off cliffs.

Fear of people

Your fear of people is real, my Butterfly.
However you experience it.
I’m not saying that you NEED to be fearful, or that your fear is warranted…
But you feel it, and there are many, many other people out there just like you.

It’s worth learning how to be more positive

Learning how to be more positive is a simple matter of knowing how the brain works, and trying out this new thought process in harmony with your existing wiring.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just flip a switch and instantly become more positive, my Butterfly?
But it can be so hard when your mind, body and soul are feeling like any type of effort is a lie.

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