A distance healing via telepathy will be wonderful for you if:

  • You have social anxiety and the thought of working with someone face-to face is triggering
  • You simply don’t have time for a real-time energy healing session
  • You still want all the benefits of energy healing (to feel calm and in-control, back in the right place in your life)
  • You would like to receive a written report of your energy field, including chakras
  • You live in a different part of the world and usually sleep at the times I do my energy work


What a distance healing involves:

  1. You use the scheduler to book and pay for your session.
  2. I tune into your energy field at the time you have selected and will send you the healing energy. (Note: You do not need to be awake at this time. In fact, if you choose a time when you will be sleeping it means that you will receive the energy more easily as there will be no conscious interference)
  3. I will email you a report on what I see (blocks in your chakras, advice from your guides, anything else I see that I think you should know about)
  4. You receive the report and take action on the recommendations I provide, to complete the healing. You can also send me 1 round of questions by email within a week of receiving your healing report.

Here’s what people say:


I was getting increasing feelings of anxiety, and loss of motivation and energy to do things I’d previously enjoyed. Constant feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling “stuck” in this place.

Physically, I was experiencing increased heart rate and ‘adrenaline’ rushes. Not wanting to leave the house to go places if I could avoid it. Just wanting to be home in my safe space. Rubbing my hands together when feeling especially anxious.

I was surprised when you told me things you would have no way of knowing…particularly in regards to ear issues and feeling bloated. The things you mentioned hit home very much and all rang true with me. The message you passed along from my grandmother was the most unexpected part.

Since my distance healing with you, I am feeling less overwhelmed, and able to break tasks down into smaller and more manageable goals. I’m feeling much more optimistic that current situations will resolve well and things will start moving forward.

I’ve been able to focus much more clearly on my job search especially and I’m getting results now, where I wasn’t before.



After so many visits to mainstream doctors I realised they couldn’t help me, and I was struggling with leaving the house, getting out of bed, facing the world. I felt a big shift in my Clarity to assess and how to think about what I was feeling. If you’re scared, unsure, lost, then Eva is the gentle guiding hand you need.



I was questioning if I’m good enough to help others and achieve my goals. Eva is amazing! I’ve never had such clarity before and to have it come from a distance healing was incredible. It absolutely described who I am, what I experience and the past life… wow! It explained so much about things that have happened in my life. I’m feeling more confident. I feel physically lighter, as if I’ve lost weight but also emotionally lighter as well. I feel that I now truly believe my goals will become a reality rather than something I hope will happen.



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