Q: Hi Eva, just an enquiry – does reiki really work for anxiety? How is it possible that you can wave your hands around and then I’m instantly cured?

It seems really bogus to me and I just want to know how the healing works. Can you tell me what actually happens during a healing – what happens to take me from being anxious to being cured from anxiety?

I’ve had anxiety for a long time now and I believe I’ve done all I can for it to go away. Nothing has worked so far.

I’ve tried medication (horrible side effects), acupuncture (which works for a while but isn’t permanent), mindfulness and meditation (only works if you have time to do it, which I don’t) and I’ve even tried flower essences (I’m not sure if there was a difference. I might have noticed a difference slowly, but it wasn’t instant, and the anxiety came back after I finished my bottle).

Does reiki really work for anxiety? I’m willing to give this a try but I’m just a bit skeptical.


Eva’s response: Hey Daniela, thanks for your question. I think you’ve asked something that a lot of people might think – but not many people are courageous enough to ask!

I do think that lots of people are wondering does reiki really work for anxiety and they are too quick to write it off. They close their browser window (and their minds!) and don’t even give it a chance.

So I really do appreciate you asking the question. I’ll answer your question in parts:

  • It’s a myth that you will be “instantly cured”. Like any natural therapy for anxiety, reiki works in layers. I find that the healing goes deeper, and lasts longer, the more consistently a client attends sessions. Generally, people come to see me more frequently at first, and then making the spaces bigger between each session as the healing ‘holds’ for longer. But it’s not always the frequency that counts – some people find the best results from 1 session a month, or even 1 session every 6 months. The key seems to be consistency, rather than frequency. And I do find that clients get the best results when they are committed to the process (or at least attend sessions with an open mind).
  • The way I best describe how reiki healing works is: Your body is made up of millions of cells, and something keeps those cells together. That “something” is energy. Energy is universal energy which is everywhere, and in everything. I believe that all of us can access universal energy, and all of us have the capacity to heal (no reiki attunement required, although I do have my Reiki qualification as it adds credibility to the work I do). The heat that emanates from your hands, is how you feel the healing energy. But it’s not body heat that does the work. The healing energy is on such a refined vibrational level (here we go with the energy talk) that it can’t be detected in any way, except for the sensations you may feel during a session, and the results you will get.
  • My clients have described various sensations during the healing – feeling warmth, pulsing, feeling spider webs removed, sensations of shrinking, I’ve even had a couple of clients ask me if there were other people in the room helping me during the healing! (this happens sometimes when spirit guides join the process)

Results that clients have shared with me include:

  • Thinking more clearly
  • Improved sleep
  • Feeling calmer
  • More positive outlook in general
  • No more headaches
  • Less overwhelm
  • Feeling like energy is grounded and aligned

I hope that answers your question – Does reiki really work for anxiety? – Daniela!

Love + light

Eva xo

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