Feeling scattered and out of control? Try my grounding meditation.

When you feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to focus on anything else. I know how you feel. It’s hard to function, when you don’t really feel like yourself. You might be exhausted, forgetful or just not able to get things done anymore. And it can make you feel overwhelmed by life in general.

Grounding is a cornerstone energy technique for healing anxiety and restoring balance in your life. If you’re feeling scattered or forgetful, out of control or just plain anxious, this meditation will help these symptoms go away!

This grounding meditation works by creating a circuit that connects the earth with your body’s nervous system to bring more calmness into your life and lessen stress levels.

Grounding is one of my favourite energy healing techniques because it helps you feel more present and connected with yourself and others. I use this exercise every day, especially when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed (which happens quite often).

This grounding meditation will help you reconnect with your body so that you’re less likely to get caught up in negative thoughts about the past or future. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy life more fully today!

Listen to this morning and night, and you will feel more focused, centred, calm and fully IN your body. Enjoy this free 4-minute MP3 as my gift to you…

What people are saying:

“How truly soothing this is! I am highly comforted, thanks.” – KM

“After doing this grounding exercise for just a few days I saw an incredible improvement in my life. I felt calmer and more focused at work … even better than before!” – RF

Length: 4min 5sec

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