by Eva

Feeling pushed and pulled... And tired.

A lot of energy goes into trying to get stuff done “just right” doesn’t it, my Butterfly.

We women juggle so many different things in our daily lives – we cook, we clean, we organise, we find shoes, we mop up spills, take people to activities and appointments…. And then when all that is done, we go to work for a rest. Lol!!

When you are scheduling things tightly, it can feel like a relentless treadmill that, no matter what, must continue to operate. One foot wrong, and the whole plan comes unstuck.

But it’s those times when everything does come unstuck that you find the glimmers of your true self.

Your true self = the You beneath that polished veneer that works so hard to please people and keep on trucking.

Your true self isn’t perfect. Your true self gets angry and impatient and proud and happy… All of those normal human emotions.

And so many women feel absolutely terrible when a flash of their humanness is detected by another.

How many times have you said the following to yourself:

“I was wrong to bring up that subject”

“I should be ok with being uncomfortable if it makes the other person comfortable”

“My opinion is wrong.”

“I am probably misinterpreting what that person means.”

“I need to just suck it up and become stronger.”

The continual self-doubt, coupled with constant busyness is absolutely exhausting – for anyone, my Butterfly! Not just you.

When you live a life that is in constant service to others, it is completely normal and natural that you will feel tired, grumpy, worn-down and in need of a good old-fashioned rest.

You need to embrace your humanity and all of your imperfections – the world truly won’t stop turning if you drop the ball occasionally.

People are also a lot more independent and resilient than you think.

You train people how to behave towards you – you can train them to respect your space and time a little more.

I know that this can be quite a confronting notion for a woman who experiences social anxiety, my Butterfly. I know it’s a challenge and something that frustrates you because, logically, you know I’m right.

But in YOUR life, in YOUR circumstances, it’s different, right?

I mean, if I could truly know what you manage on a daily basis, I would never dare to suggest that you take your foot off the gas for a moment and take some time for yourself, would I?

Try me. Contact me, and tell me what you’re struggling with. We can work out a way for you to become clear about what YOU want, and how you can take baby steps in your daily life to make it a reality.

I’m here for you, my Butterfly.

Any time.

Love + light
Eva xo

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