It can be so easy to get caught up in the big distraction of life, my Butterfly.

And in doing that, you lose sight of the big picture.

This is especially easy to do on the other side of a full moon.

Full moons shed light on everything – anything that needs to be dredged up and gotten rid of, the full moon will do it.

Old patterns arise, old problems re-emerge.

Social anxiety, which may have been improving recently, resurfaces like a bolt of fear.

And it’s important to see this for what it really is.

It’s an opportunity to say “This no longer works for me. It is time to release this.”

All of planet Earth does this every month on the full moon, and for a night there is extra activity as universal plotlines come to a climax.

You churn through energy on the full moon, my Butterfly, whether you know it or not.

Your regular sleeping pattern will change up (eg. if you have been sleeping well, you will have a night or two of poor sleep. And vice-versa.)

Words are often exchanged with other humans who need to get rid of similar patterns.

A lot of the time, the Universe will line up two people who live or work closely, or perhaps are from the same family – to air their differences.

And then the next day is kind of like a hangover.

Now the hyped-up energy of the moon is no longer there powering everything along –

Shining light into every nook and cranny to activate every last bit of stale energy –

The momentum is no longer there to push all the negativity to the surface.

You can wake up feeling like you’ve been part of a crazy dream.

Asking yourself, “What got into me? I’m not usually like that!”

My Butterfly, I’m here to tell you:

We are all governed by the laws of this Universe.

And the laws of nature on Planet Earth.

We have one single moon – which guides us very clearly on an energetic level.

All humans are subject to these same conditions, whether they choose to consciously understand this or not.

As an evolved human, it is common to think that you should be above the hum and tussle that comes with the full moon.

Knowledge that the full moon shines light on everything ought to be enough to remind you to be extra mindful on those few extra-hyped days, right?

My Butterfly: You are still human. You cannot escape that in this lifetime.

This life, you are here, on planet earth, being human and living the human experience.

Having human problems, and learning about human solutions.

All of this is VITAL to your soul’s direction and path.

All of it.

Even the things you perceive as the “negative” stuff.

Having the ability to process and release negative energy is a highly evolved skill.

It requires you to put your ego mask aside and allow light to be shone into the places that might cause pain when exposed.

And if you wake up on the morning after a full moon and feel like you’ve been through the wringer –


You’ve done just that.

You’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

You’ve learned lessons.

Even if all you’ve done is have a different night’s sleep to what you usually do –

You’ve processed energy.

You’ve grown.

You’re having the full human experience, and I’m so proud of you.

Your exercise today – is to rest.

Rest, and observe.

How do you feel, this day after the full moon?

However you feel – is good, and acceptable, and perfect for YOU.

Love + light

Eva xo

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