how to calm nerves

Knowing how to calm nerves is a life skill that will serve you, no matter the situation.

But you need to know that getting nervous is a completely natural human reaction, my Butterfly.

So there’s nothing wrong with feeling jumpy, a racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, even a little bit of dizziness or chest pain in times of extra nervous stress is fairly normal.

But none of these symptoms are pleasant, are they?

And especially when these nervous symptoms seem to show up more regularly – even when you have no real reason to be nervous – you are going to want to know some strategies to calm yourself down so you can focus and get on with your life.

So here are 3 tips to calm your nerves:


1. Breathing

As I wrote in a recent blog post about how not to be nervous, this breathing exercise is called “xanax breath”. And it’s really simple:

  1. Inhale for a count of 5
  2. Hold your breath for a count of 5
  3. Exhale for a count of 5
  4. Repeat 5 times.

The effect of the above breathing exercise is supposed to be like taking a xanax.

I cannot attest to this as I have personally never taken a xanax before – but I can say that this exercise slows everything down – the racing heart beat, the body shakes and the scary thoughts.


2. Being prepared

“Be prepared” is the old boy scout motto, and it really is a survival basic.

What will you do if things go really well?

What will you do if things don’t go so well? What will you say? Where will you go? What will your next step be?

Simply running through the day/event/whatever is causing you to feel nervous in your mind, and thinking things right through to a reasoned and logical conclusion does two things:

  • It puts your mind into a resourceful state, so you can act from a place of clear-headedness rather than instinct and reaction – and you can see that it really won’t really be such a great catastrophe if things don’t go well
  • It smooths out the energy in front of you. If you go somewhere in your mind, your energy imprints there, so events begin to energise in your favour.


3. Planning your next step

What will you do to reward yourself once this nerves-inducing event is over? How will you celebrate your awesomeness? Here are 5 ways I personally recommend:

  • A hot bath or shower
  • Watching an episode of your favourite show
  • Curling up with your favourite book
  • An early night to bed
  • A delicious cup of tea

You would have your own favourite ways to unwind, I’m sure. Do those.

It’s important to unwind after a day of nervousness, as it resets your energy for the next day.

Above all, remember this:

Every time you face and meet a challenge that causes you to become nervous, and you meet that challenge from a resourceful mindset, you become better and stronger at handling these situations.

The key is to remember that the nervous feeling doesn’t last forever, and to work with it instead of against it to achieve what you want.

Love + light

Eva xo

PS – My previous blog post was about fear of driving – check it out!

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