With so much information out there, it’s no wonder your mind is all cluttered up, my Butterfly.

These days you are barraged with information from the moment you wake until you settle to bed at night.

You might even keep the info going overnight, keeping a radio, tv or music on while they sleep!

And while you might say it helps to soothe or relax you, the reality is, if you keep filling the space with noise, there will be no space for connection with your highest self.

Most of the time – your brain craves some information and some input.

It goes into search-mode.

You have a problem (any problem, but just say that yours is social anxiety) and your brain will begin to look for information to justify your situation, and also look for a solution.

Search-mode is a seeking mode. It means you put a lot of psychic energy out into the universe, asking questions and actively looking in the world around you for answers to your questions.

The “Law Of Attraction” is very fashionable and it encourages this type of seeking, by visualising and engaging the senses in a mind-movie of your desired answer or outcome.

And this is WONDERFUL – but it is only HALF of the equation to solving your problem.

So many people have been using techniques in the LOA for YEARS with very little result.

And this is WHY: There needs to be a balance in your brain between search-mode and receiving-mode.

Search-mode involves thinking about your problem, and actively searching for your solution.

You’re on a quest, and you are in the land of information.

But to get your answer, you need to switch your brain into another mode.

You need to go into “receiving” mode.

You need to stop the search, and open your mind to what the Universe is sending you.

And this can be difficult for a brain that has been in search-mode, with a constant barrage of questions and ‘search-terms’.

Anxiety can make this ten times worse. Because your brain perceives new information as a threat, it will keep up that defense mechanism of searching because it fears any new information it might get back.

Crazy, huh?

That you might actually be AFRAID of the answer you have been searching for!

But here is a way to switch your brain from search-mode to receive-mode:

1. Whatever your question is – whatever you are searching for, think about it. You might not even be clear on what this is – you might just have emotions or feelings. Whatever it is, just concentrate on it for about a full minute.

2. Once you have your thoughts or feelings clearly in front of you, put them into a bubble of white light.

3. Tell the Universe to be ready to “catch”.

4. Send the bubble of white light to the Universe, safe in the knowledge that she will catch it and know what to do with it.

5. Get on with your daily life.

And be ready for your answer to come to you remarkably quickly.

Let me know your experiences with this technique, I’d love to hear the results you get from this.

Love + light
Eva xo

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