Learning how to make new friends is a vital skill that will serve you for life, if you know how to do it properly.

How to find friends that you click with right away is a learnable art, which – with practice – will become second nature to you.

Follow these energy healing tips and you will be an expert of how to make new friends in no time – even with social anxiety.

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Before I launch into what you need to do, I just want to address a question that I see asked a lot in forums and online.

The question is: “How important are friendships – really?”

And the people who are asking this question are often coming out of a tough time in a friendship.

There are many reasons why friendships can go off-track and conflicts can happen.

And it can leave you feeling like nobody likes you, that you’re annoying and that you simply shouldn’t try anymore – when nothing could be further from the truth, and there are many wonderful people out there who would love to be friends with you.

You simply need to know how to find them.

I’ll get to the finding part further down – but first I want to talk about how important friendships are.

Knowing how to make new friends with other women is especially important in this day and age – we are at a time historically when women are under a huge amount of stress, and we live very, very, very busy lives.

Women are also more mobile than ever, moving to new cities, and even new countries, to pursue careers or to support partners in their career decisions.

This takes you away from your support network and results in a feeling of isolation and disconnect.

And while it’s great for your personal growth to explore life beyond the box you’ve always lived in, human beings crave belonging and acceptance.

Humans want to be part of a network of loving and supportive people who will provide love and encouragement on a regular and ongoing basis.

And of course it’s natural that, like with all human interactions, there will be times of disagreement and conflict, but the underlying support mechanism is always there.

When you are learning how to make new friends, you really want to know how to get established in loyal and supportive platonic relationships with like-minded women.

Well, this takes time, effort and patience.


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It’s not a matter of just putting yourself out there and meeting as many people as humanly possible – as an empath, you will just feel tired and worn out if you do that.

(In case you’re wondering, an empath is someone who feels the emotions of other people as if they are their own. Most of my clients are introvert empaths, who developed social anxiety as a coping mechanism in lieu of setting up healthy boundaries).

So you don’t want to be trying to make friends with everybody – you simply need to become skilled in finding the right friends that will suit you on every level, and then working to establish and maintain a connection with them.

And that’s why I believe it’s not true that you need to put your social anxiety aside in order to find, make and keep new friends in your life.

I believe that if you become an expert in being able to tell who is the right friend for you and who isn’t, and you become so practiced and able to do this quickly – you will soon have a good group of loyal friends who love you exactly as you are.

Your social anxiety will become less of a burden because it will simply not matter as much.

Your new friends will be supportive of you in every way. They will be easy to be around, and will enhance your life.

Why? Because you’ve chosen them that way.

It’s a simple matter of reframing your desire to know how to make new friends, and redescribe it as “manifesting friends who support you on every level”.

How do you do that?

It’s a simple change to how you’re viewing this task: Instead of being driven by your emotions and desire to connect with people, take a step back and think for a moment.

Take a moment to decide what you truly want in a friendship.

I wrote about this is a previous blog post (see: Finding and making friends CAN be easy)

But the basic premise is this:

  1. Choose what qualities you want in a friend
  2. Determine your expectations from your new friendship
  3. Decide what qualities YOU offer in a friendship.


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Don’t expect that anyone else is going to be able to fill gaps or parts of you that you feel are missing.

Nobody else is going to be able to do that except you.

If you feel that parts of you are missing, look within for those.

It will take courage and a commitment to becoming whole – but totally worth it.

Just take some time and space, and a journal – and go for it.

Don’t be put off if a whole bunch of negative stuff spews onto the page at first, just allow it to flow.

Don’t judge it as it comes out, just let that pen scribble all over the page.

All that negativity is better out than in, and you can the page afterwards anyway.

Just make sure you don’t buy into the stuff that comes out onto the page. You don’t want to get distracted by the story that comes out (and sometimes some pretty confronting – just keep writing, write it all out, don’t engage with it too much).

Once you’re done writing all the stuff that needs to come out, do a burning ceremony to dispose of the page if you need, then take a FRESH page and begin to decide what you want and need in your new friendship.

If you need to work backward, do that:

Start with the qualities you offer in a friendship. For example, loyalty, time, laughs.

Then move onto what you expect from a friendship. For example, loyalty, time, laughs. Haha!

And finally – what qualities do you want in a friendship? Loyalty? Time? Laughs? For example?

Once you are straight in your own mind about what you want in a friendship, as well as the qualities you offer within a friendship, you will be ready to put this plan into action.

And the good news is: The action part becomes very easy, once the thinking part is done.

You will find that you simply begin to attract the right friends into your life because, subconsciously, you will be adapting your energetic vibration to the frequency needed to attract new friends in.

In fact, this step is so easy it can sometimes feel like you are forgetting something.

ALLOWING it to be easy is the hardest part.

But please be assured that when you are clear in your mind about what you want from a friendship, and also what you offer in a friendship, the process of actually making friends becomes so much easier.

Love + light

Eva xo

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