It is your God-given, soul right to be happy, my Butterfly.

Yes, you absolutely have a RIGHT to be happy.

You are not only ALLOWED to be happy – it is actually your duty – for the benefit of the entire planet – to be as happy as you possibly can be.

And if your life is making you unhappy right now, then that is a dead giveaway that you have strayed from your life’s purpose.

Because happiness is a key performance indicator that you are fully living in your power and feeling fulfilled.

So if social anxiety is stopping you from being the happy, present, joyful soul that you have a RIGHT to be, it’s time to take some action on that.

Why has sadness become the default?

It’s important to understand that the society you live and function in every day (indeed, the society that you are hiding from) is nothing more than an illusion.

Every scenario you find yourself in is nothing more than the collective experience of the people you find yourself with – projected and mirrored onto this dimension we know as ‘reality’.

And if you spend a lot of time by yourself – you are experiencing your own projected reality.

The energy of these situations bounces around as the brains involved act and react according to the manifestation of energy at the time.

(And if you are hanging out by yourself – guess what – you are doing exactly the same thing).

Knowing this is power.

If you have social anxiety, your coping mechanism for dealing with this energetic bouncing has been to avoid it altogether.

But that is resistance, my Butterfly.

Resistance is that stiffness, rigidity, denial, depression.

Resistance IS the very meaning of social anxiety – and over time it causes you more pain than the bouncing energy itself.

And that’s because resistance is your own reaction – your own manifestation, your own projected reality.

Resistance is what has backed you into a corner. Resistance has paralysed you. Resistance has you stuck in a rut.

Resistance is what has duped you into believing you cannot do something – so guess what – this is the manifestation.

And resistance is cyclical in nature, my Butterfly.

You think it – so it manifests.

So you react to that manifestation.

And more manifests.

And so on. Again, and again.

This way of thinking becomes so deeply ingrained, you don’t consciously understand that you are manifesting your own negativity.

Human brains are such beautiful, powerful things.

Brains perform all sorts of amazing functions, and keep human bodies in a state of equilibrium.

In fact, MOST brains run on auto-pilot.

And this auto-pilot works brilliantly for coping with the everyday ‘reality’ that most of us need to deal with:

The manifestation of everyone’s default thoughts – that hologram of bouncing energy you experience when we participate in society.

Until, it doesn’t. Until that bouncing energy becomes too much, and resistance creeps in.

That is when you begin to resist.

Resistance can crop up in many ways – avoidance, anger, depression, sickness – all of which are created by yourself.

I don’t say this to blame you – I bring this up to demonstrate to you how powerful you are.

You are powerful beyond your wildest imagining.

As a human, as a pack animal, you depend on other humans to model to you how to behave.

The physicality of this is universally acknowledged, the energetic side of it is not.

So every day, you have people demonstrating to you the ideal way to act and behave.

But you also have this energetic bouncing happening – where people’s thoughts are manifesting their reality.

That’s the stuff that most people don’t know about.

And it’s a tragedy – people are so caught up in reacting to the illusion, that nobody is initiating an original thought.

Original thoughts hold the power.

Your exercise for today is simply to notice this energetic bouncing. To stand back and witness it – and name it when you see it. Write it down or record it, if you need to. Comment below, if you feel called.

By simply identifying and naming the energetic bouncing when you witness it, you are throwing an original thought into the mix – which immediately lifts the vibration of the hologram for everyone.

Our world needs this. We need you.

Love + light

Eva xo

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