Put the best of who you are into the here and now, my Butterfly.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t 100% satisfied with what you have right now

Or if you want more –

Or if you want change –

Your job is to show up exactly as you are, and give exactly what you have to give to the present moment.

When you have social anxiety and you are exhausted on a daily basis simply by dealing with people, it can be hard to do this.

You spend your life in constant defence-mode, trying to protect your energy from all the people who seem to want to steal it from you.

And as a result, you are halting the energy flow of life in the here and now, and preventing good things from flowing to you.

This happens any time you are in resistance-mode

And this defensiveness is about as resistance-mode as it gets.

You probably don’t even realise that you’re doing this.

All you know is that you have no choice in spending your days with people who exhaust you.

And you finish each day with a glass of wine (or several!) simply to try and relax enough to get a decent night’s sleep so you can try and awaken refreshed.

To try and get onto the front-foot, energetically speaking

But most mornings you wake up feeling tireder than when you went to bed!

You wake up feeling way behind – cursing yourself for drinking wine instead of doing something healthy like going to the gym or tidying the kitchen bench.

You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and think, “When did I get so old?”

My Butterfly: You know that this pattern cannot continue

And there is no time like RIGHT NOW to tell yourself that it’s time for some fresh energy in your life, and then following through with action.

You deserve this. You deserve to be connected with who YOU really are.

Doing what YOU were put on this planet to be doing.

Think back to when you were a child

What were your hopes and dreams?

Do you even remember?

It’s ok if you don’t.

Your job isn’t to make your inner child happy.

You simply need to love your inner child

She just wants to know that everything is ok.

It’s not your inner child’s job to make decisions for you.

She is just a child, after all.

But it’s worth remembering that your inner child has boundless energy.

True – she also has very little responsibility for holding everyone’s lives together.

She doesn’t know much about deadlines or schedules or grocery shopping or housework.

BUT – she is still YOU

She is still inside you.

She is imprinted with exactly the same DNA, and she agreed to exactly the same sacred contract before she was incarnated into the body that she and you currently reside in.

But because she’s not weighed down with all the years of baggage and decisions and all the things that are thought to be necessary for an adult to function in society –

She’s closer to your Truth than you are

So it’s worth connecting with her.

Not for guidance – but to feel what life was like before everyone relied on you so much.

Before you felt the burden that everyone else’s needs mattered more than your own.

Today, I would like you to try this energy healing exercise for connecting with your inner child:

You will need 10 minutes without interruption. Do this during your shower, if you have no other opportunity.

Ground yourself by visualising tree roots coming out the soles of your feet. Connect with the core of the earth.

Bring your conscious attention back up to your heart chakra.

Feel the warmth of your heart chakra opening up (if you feel any pain or start crying as you open your heart chakra, stop here for now. This is your aha-moment for today.)

Ask your inner child to connect with you.

You will know within yourself when she steps forward.

Feel that connection, and hold her lovingly inside your heart chakra.

She might have a message for you – or she might just enjoy the cuddle.

Either way is fine.

Tell her that you love her, and that you will connect with her more often.

Tell her that everything is ok, and that you are going to make an amazing future for yourselves.

Tell her you will be back, and let her go.

When you finish this exercise, drink some water to ensure you are fully grounded back in the here and now.

Some people make the mistake of rushing these sorts of exercises and end up increasing their vibration too quickly – making their anxiety worse than when they started.

But if you follow the instructions above – and take your time – you won’t do that.

Ok! It’s your turn.

Love + light

Eva xo

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