160118Getting clear is all it takes, my Butterfly.

You just need to become clear on what you DO want, and replace those negative thoughts you’ve been having with positive new thoughts.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

But it is pretty simple.

You are already maintaining a daily practice of socially anxious thoughts

You tell yourself that you are weird, different, that you scare people away.

That nobody will ever love you. Or, that if they DO love you, that you are lying to them somehow – and if they ever knew the TRUTH about you, that they would abandon you.

Your thoughts rule your life.

Truly – EVERYONE’S thoughts rule their lives.

But the key difference between a happy person and an anxious person?

The content of your thoughts.

A happy person knows that life isn’t perfect

But instead of zeroing in on all the bad things – they focus on the good.

You already know this in theory, my Butterfly.

You know that whatever you focus on expands.

That thoughts of love, light, healing and beauty will lead to more thoughts of love, light, healing and beauty.

So why are you still focusing on thoughts of sadness, despair, darkness and powerlessness?

It’s simple: You simply haven’t trained your mind into the daily practice

You’re already thinking regular, structured thoughts that are creating your destiny…

They just aren’t the best, healthy thoughts for you.

And I know that you feel like this “thinking positive” stuff works for everyone else…

But it never works for YOU…

Because, of course, you are the exception to the rule…

Different, weird, out of place here on Earth…

But actually, your thinking pattern is very, very normal

Your negative thoughts, that have led you down this path to social anxiety, simply demonstrates that your “thinking = reality” faculty is working perfectly.

It’s a paradox. We are spiritual beings, born into animal bodies.

You were sent to this planet with a sacred contract, and a mission to complete…

While also being saddled with this human body, and a human brain that is naturally wired to prioritise threats above anything else.

Being positive takes work

Every human, by nature, is wired to think negatively.

That’s just the way it is.

Your brain is wired to think that it constantly needs to scan for threats.

Dinosaurs. Scavengers eating the woolly mammoth meat you’re curing and preserving for the winter.

Interpersonal conflict with the people who share your cave – who are threatening to kick you out so you have to face the elements alone…

So you retreat, so as to not cause any ripples that might lead to your downfall

And as you can see – this survivalist instinct would have been incredibly useful back in a time and age when you lived in primitive conditions and needed to be constantly on your toes in order to survive…

The fight/flight instinct is the reason why humans are still at the top of the food chain this very day.

But as humanity has evolved, the living environment of the world has changed also.

Your brain has evolved and developed new parts

But one thing stays the same – that need to survive.

And all the fight/flight and survival mechanisms that come with it.

All human brains are essentially made up of the same wiring.

So you’re actually not all that different at all.

You’re simply trained to think negative thoughts, instead of positive ones.

And your thoughts ARE creating your reality

Negative thoughts = negative reality.

It really is so simple.

But I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you to simply “change your thoughts and change your life!”

Tuning into a positive frequency can be painful after so many years of dwelling at a lower vibration.

I know that if I tell you to switch your thoughts to positive, it will feel fake and pretend for you.

You will resist it

You’ve probably tried it and “failed” before.

By the way – this failure is simply your own harsh judgment on yourself, because you tried something new, experienced resistance and decided to stop.

But we will talk about that another day.

Today, my task for you is:

Simply notice your thoughts.

Start now.

Tune in with how you are feeling.

What thought has caused that feeling?

Name it.

Acknowledge it as an observer.

In your mind’s eye, put white light around it.

Send it back to the Universe.

The Universe will transmute that negativity into positivity (she does it all the time, it is her job).

Ok, GO. Notice your thoughts. Start now.

Love + light

Eva xo

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