Even during your lowest moments of social anxiety, you have the power to stop being negative and decide to change your story at any time, my Butterfly.

You won’t feel better instantly, but you can decide to feel better as soon as you can.

And you can take decisive steps that align with positivity and growth, rather than negativity and misery, in order to build your happiness slowly and methodically.

Truly – happiness is a decision, and the way to feeling better is really nothing more than aligning with more uplifting and constructive thoughts that build on one another.

All thoughts build on one another, my Butterfly.

And all thoughts reflect the energetic frequency you are tuned into.

It’s like a radio. You hear the song of the radio station frequency you are tuned into.

If you don’t like the song, you change radio stations.

Of course, your brain needs a little more work and maintenance to make that switch.

And with the complexity of your mind thinking it’s thoughts, and your body feeling it’s emotions, it can take a while for you to really understand what’s going on and truly know within yourself that you have the power to make the change in your thoughts and feel better.

We live in a Universe where energy just bounces around constantly.

Life and daily events are often described as a mirror – a direct reflection of what your energetic attunement is.

This is somewhat true – and it does appear that your life and it’s events will mirror your dominant mindset at the time.

But what it actually is, is that the SAME universe dwells inside each and every living thing on this planet.

So what’s going on energetically inside me, is the same thing that is energetically going on inside you.

So as an energetic movement or shift comes from me, it simultaneously comes from you as well.

So it looks like a mirror.

But it’s really just the same Universe doing the same thing at the same time.

There’s also a bit of a time-difference or a lag in seeing this ‘mirroring’ happen.

Especially when you’re tuned into a frequency of negativity, and are trying to make that switch to more positivity and happiness.

This isn’t the Universe testing you.

The Universe doesn’t test.

It’s YOU testing YOURSELF.


Your human brain is wired to protect you at any cost.

So there will always be an element of resistance with any energetic frequency change.

Any change is perceived by the brain as a threat at first – until repetition by your conscious brain, repetition that persists gently, even through all the resistance, convinces your brain that this new positive radio frequency is a safe place to be.

So it’s not the easiest thing to do.

But it IS so easy to become discouraged, if you don’t understand the process.

Exercise: Change your frequency from negative to positive

Begin by wanting to make the change.

Think about why you want this change.

What do you want? What will happen as a result of making this change?

For example, you should think “I want to feel happier” rather than “I’m sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time.”

Think these new, positive thoughts. And begin to feel them as well.

EXPECT some push-back. EXPECT some resistance. EXPECT to feel as if you’re being ‘tested’ by the Universe.

Float through all of that. It’s just normal.

Keep gently thinking of your new positive frequency.

Gently persist, even when you feel that life is making a joke of you.

Get to the other side, and you will begin to see the results of your new positive mindset begin to take form.

You will wake up feeling lighter and better-rested.

You will roll with daily life with a feeling that you are in-control and on top of things.

And you will begin to manifest, physically, the things you really want in your life (this is a nice side-effect of this process, it works for manifesting material objects as well).

Your biggest obstacle will be to get over that short-term obstacle of your own resistance, which will do its very best to discourage you and keep you “safe” on the lower frequency you’ve been dwelling on.

This process isn’t easy, but it’s simple. It isn’t instant, but the results are lasting.

Once you know the process to actively switch your frequency, and stick with it through all of your own resistance and the seemingly endless ‘tests’ thrown your way, you will get through to the other side.

The other side: Where happiness and empowerment are waiting for you.

It’s worth the effort.

Love + light,
Eva xo

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