i see you

Even though you try so hard to be invisible – I still see you, my Butterfly.

I can see you hiding.

Hiding behind those same dark clothes you’ve worn for years.

Clothes that hide your shape and allow you to quietly blend in with your surroundings.

Your hair is lovely, you know.

But I know why you wear it the same way all the time.

You keep telling yourself it’s just easier to pull it back into a messy bun – life is busy, after all.

But secretly, I know it allows you to get on with your day without drawing any extra attention to yourself.

And for years, it’s worked for you.

You’ve been able to hide quite effectively.

Behind the mask.

The “don’t care” mask, which has turned into the “don’t have time” mask.

It’s all the same thing, really.

You don’t want the world to see you.

Because – if the world saw you, you might have to step up.

Step up into your brilliance, your magnificence.

(And no – I’m not trying to flatter your vanity by using big flashy words – I don’t do that.)

Because deep down, behind that wall of all the negative things you say to yourself and all the physical defenses you’ve built up in an effort to blend in

That spark inside you still burns.

You know the spark – the Universal intelligence.

The light that connects you with everyone else (despite your best efforts)

It’s that voice that whispers “you have such lovely eyes” when you catch your own glance in the mirror.

The spark which gets oxygen every time you laugh – drawing healing energy into your lungs and down into your solar plexus chakra.

And in that moment, you are magnificent.

Capable of anything.

Healing the world with your very presence.

You have a right to be joyful, my Butterfly.

In fact, the world needs it.

Life is actually NOT about what you wear.

Wear whatever you want.

But I just ask that you STOP going into your day with the intention of STIFLING your inner flame.

Because at some point, the real you is going to come bursting out anyway.

With all your raw imperfections.

And for that authenticity, the Universe will say “welcome back”.

You will be accepted in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Finally, you will attract your sort of people into your life.

There will no longer be any effort to act life someone you’re not, in an effort to fit in.

You will set the pace, and others will love you for it.

You’ll wonder why you stayed hidden all this time.

Love + light

Eva xo

PS – If you want an extra layer of energetic protection while you are letting the light in, use this free healing exercise for social anxiety.

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