by Eva Lane (written by me)
(Anxious Relief)

I'm so scared

I have been resisting re-opening my books to 1-on-1 energy healing consultations for social anxiety.


I am embarrassed to admit this, because this is the exact thing that I preach about in my business…

I’m scared.

I’m scared.

Scared that I am not enough. Scared that I will disappoint. Scared that I won’t have all the answers. Scared that I will have the answers and then be too chicken-shit to say what I think. Why?

Because I am scared of how you will react.

Because – believe it or not – people don’t always react in a happy and thankful way when the truth slaps them in the face.

And, I believe, you are used to getting into discussions with health professionals who will very much see you as a patient, as a victim of your social anxiety, and will happily swallow your story about why everything bad happens to you and will believe your crap about how stuck you are and how there’s no way out except for medication.


And I believe that the precise reason why you feel like a victim of your social anxiety is because you have been enabled in the victim mindset.

Because nobody has taken the time to sit with you, as your equal, and hear your story properly.

Nobody has taken the time to bring to your attention how you are actually an incredibly powerful CREATOR and how you have actually CREATED the cage that you find yourself stuck in.

You probably feel angry now, just reading this.

And if so, GOOD! It means I’ve hit a nerve, and it’s an issue that you need to look into more deeply.

But really, I do understand if you feel like I just don’t get it.

I mean, you have been telling yourself this same social anxiety story for a LONG time.

But answer me this: Have you noticed a pattern with all of your social anxiety?

Is it the same types of situations that trigger you?

The same types of people? Now this is an interesting one – have you noticed that it’s like the SAME person who triggers you again and again? The SAME person, but with different names and within different situations, but they do the SAME sort of thing, and the pattern emerges again and again?

These patterns are your blocks. Within these patterns are your lessons. And yes, they hurt, which is why you AVOID them.

But what I do with my clients is: if you are WILLING to work in baby steps (steps so small that you could be fooled for thinking that nothing is happening) to FACE what triggers you on a daily basis and rebuild you LIFE from a place of self-knowledge and empowerment, then YOU are the right kind of client for me.

But of course, change scares so many people.

And scares you subconsciously, in a way that your brain throws up a thousand excuses not to grow and change. Your brain is crafty like that.

So you wil get resistant thoughts like “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t want to undo all the hard work I’ve already put in to my recovery”…

And those excuses make me feel LIVID. Not at YOU, but at fear.

Because in those moments when you cave to your excuses, fear has won. And fear will continue to win. Again and again and again.

And fear will continue to win, unless I swallow my resistance and publish this blog post. Air all of my opinions, shine a bright light on fear, get it all out in the air.

Exactly like I preach. Follow my own advice. Speak my own truth. And see what happens.

Love + light,
Eva xo

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