is social anxiety just your personality

You’re not sure why this has happened to you, my Butterfly.

You’re uncertain about where the wheels have fallen off, and WHY exactly you ended up where you are.

Doing what you’re doing.

Coping how you’re coping.

You know that deep-down you are a good person, and you just feel like you have an enormous cross to bear.

You look around you, and you can see other people out there, enjoying life.

Clearly not seeing the threat in the things you see.

How are they so easily able to chat to the checkout cashier?

Why does a knock at the door fill their heart with welcoming joy, instead of the all-consuming dread you feel?

Is this way of life so deeply ingrained in you now – has it become your dominant personality?

Is there no hope left for you?

My Butterfly: You are healing every day.

In small steps.

But you are choosing not to notice this.

The threat you perceive in the world is too consuming, to overpowering to you right now.

You aren’t seeing the world for what it really is.

You aren’t seeing the power that you have in your situation (Yes! Even you! I CAN see you.)

This whole thought/action/reflection/react-or-respond spiral is happening right NOW to you.

All you can do is move forward.

And you choose to move UP or DOWN the spiral, depending on whether you react or respond to what is put in front of you.

I know you’re tired.

And you don’t have time for this.

I know that life has made you feel sore in your body.

I know you are hoping that a breakthrough will come shining through the clouds.

You want a breakthrough? Here it is:

Life WILL be easier for you soon

IF you allow it to be.

IF you choose to respond instead of react to what is put in front of you.

(Remember – you live in an echo. The results of the world around you is not the result of what you are thinking right now in these 5 minutes that you are CHOOSING to think positive and consciously, it’s the result of the previous days and weeks that you have been living in reaction.)

It takes effort, at first.

It takes faith, at first.

It takes bravery you feel you don’t have.

It takes energy you think you can’t spare.

It takes strength, that you will feel slipping away…

Until – BOOM – there’s your breakthrough.

There’s your result.

The process is simple.

It just takes some momentum to get your spiral beginning to turn in a positive direction.

If you want some pointers on how you can do this – contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Love + light

Eva xo

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