Want to know a really effective way to shift anxiety, my Butterfly?

Drink some water.

This isn’t a panic attack quick-fix.

It’s more of a lifestyle guideline.

Many humans think that anxiety is their main issue.

But in actual fact – it’s dehydration.

When the body doesn’t have enough moisture to do its job correctly – it’s going to let you know.

Headache, hot and cold flashes, dizziness, rapid heart rate, dry mouth – just to name a few symptoms.

Sound familiar?

This is your body telling you:

“Please hydrate me.

I need water to help me do the work of running this body efficiently.

You have food sitting in your digestive system that needs a good push-through.

I need to multiply your cells, but the cells can only be as good as the ones I have to copy from.

So a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your cells directly is to hydrate.

This makes your cells juicy with life force, making them easier to replicate.

And the quality of the replicated cells increases as you drink more water, and bring more life-juice into your body.”

It’s a sad fact that many people who believe they are drinking enough water – aren’t.

Even if you say you drink your regulation 8-glasses a day – are you really?

This is harder to do in the colder months especially – but flavouring hot water with herbal tea or lemon and ginger pieces is the key here.

Make sure the water isn’t too hot – your body will expend extra energy trying to regulate your digestion’s temperature.

On the same note, ensure your water isn’t too cold during warmer weather.

Just remain mindful of the task your water is doing for you.

It is hydrating you, healing you, shifting toxins and smoothing the way for electrical signals to pass from one cell to the next.

And in doing so, it calms those anxiety symptoms – and all anxiety symptoms are really just your body calling for your attention.

So try it.

Drink more water.

See the difference it makes.

Love + light
Eva xo

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