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What can I do about nervous stomach anxiety?

What can I do about nervous stomach anxiety?

Q: I get this nervous stomach anxiety which is really embarrassing… it hits at the worst possible moments like at the mall it just hits me out of nowhere and I need to go to the bathroom… pronto!

The usual anxiety tips do nothing for me… what can I do to control this?

Eva’s response: If this is only happening when you’re out and about then yes, I would say that your tummy troubles are related to anxiety.

Make sure you eat plainly when you’re out (at the mall is when you often treat yourself to a milkshake or fatty foods, and if your stomach is not used to that then it will react.)

Also, try not to panic if you cannot find a rest room right away. Often just sitting down and taking some deep breaths will buy you some time until you can find facilities.

Also, you might want to breathe some healing yellow energy into your solar plexus chakra before you get inside the mall. I recommend that you do this in the car or on the bus as you arrive.

Just close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and see yellow energy coming into your body and going down to your solar plexus chakra (located behind the belly button). See that solar plexus light up and become shiny, while spinning gently.

As you do this, feel your confidence increase. Your chin comes up and your shoulders go back as you’re breathing that wonderful healing energy into your tummy.

Then put a smile on your face and remember to eat plainly, rest if you need to and all will be ok 🙂

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