outrunning dinosaurs wastes energy

It can be hard to tell when your social anxiety is creeping up on you, my Butterfly.
There are times that you don’t realise what has happened until after the fact.

Like the party you went to, where you suddenly fell violently ill and extremely tired – and you had no idea why.

Or when your phone rang, and you felt so dizzy from the tone – as if you were suddenly allergic.

So of course, your natural reaction is to avoid those stimuli again, on the chance that you would get the same reaction.

But it’s hard to go through life avoiding these things, isn’t it?

So, ultimately you do end up back in these situations, and because previous event s have left such a scar on you, you experience the same reaction again.

And you have no idea why this is happening.

It’s like a nauseous, dizzy, tired-like-you’ve-never-been-before monster somehow invades your mind and body.

So you escape (again – of course you slip out quietly without telling anyone so no further attention is drawn to yourself and so that nobody thinks your crazy).

And when you’re alone, you can breathe again.

You feel relief.

You survived.

You almost feel joyous.

Which is weird – because you know you aren’t joyous.

Maybe a bit high?

High from all those “I outran a dinosaur today!” chemicals that USED to be useful back in prehistoric times when threats from predators was the norm, but aren’t really necessary these days.

Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious reactions.

These subconscious reactions are what got humans to the top of the food chain – so they have worked very well in terms of survival.

But as long as you remain trapped in the reactive spiral, survival mode is where you will stay.

Because the other side of humanity – is your own ability to manifest things and overcome the animal body’s primal urges for survival.

To understand that your survival has now been secured – there is no need to fight for it every day.

Humans are now top of the food chain, thanks to your ancestors.

Your challenge, in this day and age, is to connect with your purpose, and to live that – fine-tuning your signal and your antenna until you clearly manifest exactly what you DO want.

Obviously, I understand that this is a stretch for you at this point.

But I wanted you to see where I am heading.

And although I know it is difficult for you to grasp this concept as an eventual reality for yourself, but here it is:

If you simply get clear in your mind what you DO want, then relax and let it go while getting on with life and circulating energy in the present, the Universe will deliver amazing outcomes for you.

Yes, even you.

The process that you use to overcome social anxiety is the SAME process that you will use, down the track, to manifest miracles in your life.

How’s that for simplicity?

Love + light
Eva xo

PS – Take the first steps to manifest a peaceful and calm life by downloading this free energetic protection exercise, created specifically for women with social anxiety.

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