In your search for social anxiety disorder causes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the problem – the social anxiety symptoms – rather than the deeper, spiritual anxiety meaning.

It’s important for you to see social anxiety from an energetic perspective. All of your causes of social anxiety boil down to a fear of being judged, and once you understand that we are all just masses of vibrating particles – it’s easier to see that everyone is equal.

Top 7 REAL Social Anxiety Disorder Causes

Yes, that’s right: Our physical and spiritual bodies are made up of particles of matter, which vibrate together to create heat and light. As humans we are made up of solid, liquid and gas particles, and we vibrate at different rates all of the time.

Even my 5-year-old son understands this: He tells me about the “special air” that is inside of him. I have taught him how to work with this special air to energetically cleanse, protect and ground himself. My son is one of the most confident people I know.


At the core of social anxiety disorder causes:

When you are in a social situation (I define social as any sort of human contact), and you feel triggered, it’s important to understand that certain causes will give certain effects.

By learning what causes the social anxiety symptoms that you are experiencing, you get a step closer to fully being able to understand what you are going through and why. It becomes a major source of power to know why, at the very core, you are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms.

I could go on day and night about each individual social anxiety disorder causes, but for the sake of brevity, I narrowed it down to 7.

These are the 7 MOST COMMON causes of social anxiety:

And really, it all boils down to ONE BIG THING (see under the table, below).

So, you could experience all of these things, or just some. Some people really only have a problem with ONE cause.

Of course, you are a unique human being so your experience will never be exactly the same as someone else’s. But there are common threads:

1. If you’re feeling mixed up and powerless in or about a situation, you will get an unsettled stomach: Churning, gassy, butterflies, queasy.

2. If you’re feeling generally unloved, for example judged, misunderstood, gossiped about, you will get heart symptoms: Heart beats too quickly, slowly or “loudly”.

3. If you’re out of alignment with your deepest values in a situation, you will get breathing symptoms: Breathing too quickly, unable to get a full breath, hyperventilating.

4. If you’re ungrounded, or your fight or flight response has been triggered, you will get dizziness: Feeling lightheaded, giddy, ‘out-of-body’.

5. If you have a blockage in your throat chakra, which is trapping your ability to communicate, you will get a dry mouth: Tongue suddenly feels like it’s too big for your mouth, unable to speak.

6. If you’re feeling the  ‘heat of the spotlight’ on you, you will get sweating: Suddenly your face, hands, armpits are saturated.

7. If you’re feeling exposed, like someone can read your thoughts, you will blush: this is an uncontrollable redness in your face.

Really, it all boils down to this:

At some stage in your past, attention from other people has made you feel uncomfortable. And the trauma from this situation has caused you to feel powerless, alone, ashamed. Terrified you will humiliate or embarrass yourself (again). And awkward – you replay that awkwardness again and again.

Am I right?

The GOOD NEWS is: Once you come to understand your own social anxiety disorder causes, you get a step closer to claiming your power back. Knowledge is power.

Love + light

Eva xo

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