In 60 minutes, you will transform from trapped and overwhelmed to in-control and on-track

Hey Butterfly,

Is this you:


          • Stuck in a rut of chronic struggle with social anxiety
          • Unsure if you’ll get through the day
          • Always feeling conflicted, confused and drained
          • It’s impossible to switch your brain off to stop thinking bad stuff
          • Feeling blown about like a leaf in the wind – with no real direction
          • Tired all the time?
          • Disappointed a lot by the people who are supposed to love you
          • Crap just keeps happening again and again – and you have no idea why
          • Feeling desperate and lost
          • Wanting OUT of this black hole you’re stuck in
          • NO IDEA where to start
          • No idea where you’re going…


You are not alone, and I understand your battle completely.

Right now, it’s all too much for you.

You are trapped, blocked, and overwhelmed by today.

Surely there must be more to life than this?

And in the back of your mind, the depths of your heart and the core of your soul – you know that a better life awaits you.

Right now, you are stuck in a hole of social anxiety. And you are constantly searching around you for a way out.

And that’s where I come in – I lower a ladder into the hole and encourage you to take the first fragile steps so that you can climb up into the life you know you were born for.

Hi, I’m Eva Lane.

I’m an energy healer.

Eva Lane sending energy healing via skype

I was attuned to my unique energy healing vibration when the Archangel Michael spontaneously appeared next to my bed one night in 2003.

Prior to then, I wasn’t spiritual. At all.

BUT I had been struggling with anxiety all my life.

And it all came to a head when I had a medical crisis, which triggered an anxiety crisis.

I had a panic attack that lasted 6 weeks, non-stop.

It was wild.

And scary.

And I still think I’m lucky I’m not dead.

In the midst of this anxiety crisis, Archangel Michael appeared.

He taught me to ground and protect my energy, and he communicated using telepathy through my heart chakra.

He poured pure truth into my heart, and I’ve been seeing auras and healing energy blocks ever since.

I wrote my book “Social Butterfly” (available on Amazon) in 2015 and have received rave reviews.

People have described my work as:

  • “a revelation”,
  • “a very important jigsaw piece of the social anxiety healing puzzle” and
  • “results that will lighten the intensity of the most anxiety provoking scenarios” …amongst other lovely things.

I love my healing work, and I love the clients I work with. It truly is my heart-song, and my life’s purpose.

“So what happens in a session with you, Eva?”

Ok – so each session is as unique and different as you are.

Sessions take place via Skype – or if you don’t have Skype, over the phone.

Or if Skype or phone are too triggering for you, we can work on Facebook Messenger.

You bring your own energy to the session, which means no two sessions are ever the same.

But as a guide, each session roughly follows this structure:

  • You tell me your story

I will listen for as long or as little as you like.

Whatever it takes for me to get an idea of where you are at on your healing journey, and what you see your social anxiety blocks as being.

  • I tune into your energy field

With your permission, I connect (painlessly!) with your aura.

This helps me to pick up any extra energetic issues that you may not be consciously aware of – including:

– karmic encodements

– sacred life contract issues

– past life stuff that needs to be resolved.

Don’t worry – I will explain what all of these things mean in detail if they apply to your situation.

  • We begin to heal your energy field

This involves building a picture of what your life AFTER social anxiety will look like for you.

Taking a zoomed-out view of your life, you will see that the spot where you are currently standing is actually a tiny speck on the timeline of your life.

You will see that there is more to your life than the stuckness of the present moment, and that your timeline is leading somewhere.

Where that timeline leads to, is 100% within your power to decide.

You will learn that your social anxiety blocks are actually signposts on your journey, and you need to navigate them to get on track with your life’s purpose.

In short, I help you to get traction and move forward with your days, so you can start to build the life and future you deserve in the long-term.

I help you to see that your social anxiety blocks can be useful.

They teach you a very important lesson on your life’s purpose.

I have found, over the 12 years that I have been working with clients, that the same anxiety blocks come up again and again.

They manifest very cleverly, and are incredibly convincing.

Read the testimonials and success stories:

My heart would beat so loudly and I would get super nervous when I went to ask a question in front of a group – it was so bad that I kept forgetting the question.

I found it impossible to talk in front of large audiences or deliver speeches without the speech completely written out in full.

Even then, my voice would still get squeaky and I’d get very shaky and not be able to talk properly.

During my session, I actually felt dizzy, and like I was wooshing down away from the desk I was sitting at and becoming really really tiny – these feelings were definitely unexpected!

Eva is incredibly perceptive and provided much needed counsel on the social anxiety I haven’t been able to shake since I was a teen.

She drew some very useful comparisons with my early childhood and framed the anxiety I was feeling in a way that finally made sense.

Energy healing was a completely new practice for me and I was thoroughly impressed with how calm, centered and open to improvements I was afterwards.

The anxiety I previously felt when cold-calling has completely vanished and I am actually looking forward to my next speaking opportunity! Such a difference!

Kate Haughey

The tipping point that prompted me to consult an energy healer was that I started my own business, the success of which depends on me communicating with people, both in person and online.

I was tending to avoid areas of my business that meant I’d be ‘putting myself out there’ … I was not being as open as I could be. I was not feeling comfortable talking to people about my business.

During the session, I felt tingling in my body and a light twisting type of sensation in my solar plexus & heart areas.

After the session, I felt clear and complete. I loved hearing what you had to say about what you saw in my chakras.

I had an event the next day, and found that I could talk to people about my business, and that they were very receptive to me as well, but I felt authentic about it, not ‘salesy’.

We had our session on Tuesday morning. On Saturday, I had some eagle sightings — 3 separate sightings, of 2 different pairs of eagles.

Then later in the day I noticed a tingling sensation in my hands, which has not gone away, and it’s 3 days later. I think that by clearing the block that you found around my heart, really opened up my energy flow, and there is now healing energy flowing through me!

Ursa Barnes Swensen

When I first reached out to Eva, I was experiencing anxiety when going somewhere new – fear of the unknown.

I had never tried energy healing before, so this entire experience was brand new to me.

But I was interested to know more, and I’m really glad I did.

I was impressed by Eva’s ability to tap into my body and my world from a distance and through Skype.

Eva’s insights are amazing.

I’m really looking forward to working with Eva further to address some of the other underlying issues causing my anxiety.

Makaela Moore

I felt like I had come a long way with my anxiety but was still having panic attacks at night that I just couldn’t shake so thought I would try something totally new!

I was really surprised when all the feelings you described actually started happening.

Since working with you, I’ve had no more panic attacks and I’m more confident to go out and get what I want and I’ve stopped doubting myself.

Jessica May

I really felt your encouragement and desire to help me. I look forward to remembering this as being the starting point for when so many great changes happened in my life, leading to a more confident, happier and healthier me. Kate Gillespie

Thank you for helping me to swim out of that whirlpool of anxiety that threatened to pull me under.

When you’re in that whirlpool, it feels like treading water is all you can do, but your exercises helped me calm the waters and swim out.

You helped me see the energy I waste with anxiety in a whole new way and gave me a new way to deal with it.

Winding down enough to sleep was the first benefit, then I moved onwards and upwards from there.

Frances Cook

Thank you from my heart. I feel like an eagle soaring through the mighty sky!

Got thru Saturday and took your advice. I slept beautifully Sunday night and today, well, I have more clarity, more sunshine in my heart.

I can’t actually describe it fully, but it is like the mechanics of all the systems in there are getting back into some order.

You are a beautiful healer. Much love.

Suzi Atkinson

I invite you…

I would love for you to book a time with me.

We will talk about how you can break free from social anxiety forever – in a way that is perfect and unique to YOU.

We will create a solution for you that resonates Truth at your deepest level.

By working with me, you will see a future where you are stable, secure and fulfilled – and know what steps you need to take to walk in your true life’s purpose.

I’m looking forward to getting started.

Use the scheduler below to book your Reiki session with me.


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