Looking into getting social anxiety treatment? There are 4 big things you need to consider.

Are you after a social anxiety cure – like a magic pill? Are you asking how to fix social anxiety – want something short-term for a crisis? Or are you looking into longer-term options where you take responsibility in learning how to overcome social anxiety?

4 things you must know about Social Anxiety Treatment

The GOOD NEWS is, that there are a myriad of options to choose from, from medication to natural supplements to hypnosis to (my favourite) energy healing.

So if your life is being wrecked by social anxiety, and you are serious about finding a social anxiety treatment that works for you – you really have no excuse. Try as many treatments as it takes until you find one that works for you.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of despair – if you try several things and it seems like nothing works for you – many of these treatments have a cumulative effect (meaning the treatments build on one another, like a healing tower – so subtly that you almost don’t notice it until suddenly – you find yourself enjoying and being confident in social situations).

And if you really feel like nothing is working, rest assured there will be another new treatment hitting the market soon. Social anxiety is truly an epidemic – there are so many people who are working on ways to improve treatments – to make them easier, better, less side-effects, faster-acting and longer-lasting.

Before you embark on a social anxiety treatment, there are a number of things you need to consider.

1. What do you want to achieve from the treatment?

Are you just looking for a short-term stop-gap to get you through performance anxiety, then try something like Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Essence that works at an energetic level to calm and empower you in a situation of high stress (eg an exam or public speaking).

Also, learning how to overcome shyness is more of a life skill rather than an illness that needs to be treated. Just one of many lessons that life throws at you!

2. How quickly do you want the social anxiety treatment to work?

The good thing about energy healing for social anxiety is: it’s immediate. You work with your own energy, as well as the energy of the social situation that is stressing you out, and using some proven techniques you calm and empower yourself.

3. How much control do you want to have in a treatment?

Hypnosis can be a great one for treating social anxiety – however hypnosis does wear off over time and because you are working directly with the subconscious level you really have very little control over the messages that are being put inside your brain.

4. Check if you really want to heal, or if you just want to numb the pain.

Medications can be a great short-term stopgap in a social anxiety crisis. But really, they just work to numb certain areas of the brain so you don’t register your anxiety as badly.

Medications are also a bitch to come off of. So many of my clients come to me wishing to come off their meds – it’s a process that takes time and you need to be willing to face your anxiety yourself when in the past you have been sheltered from it.

Coming off meds is a tough process and you need as much support from loving people as you can get before you attempt it.

Ideally, I recommend trying the natural options before you resort to medication. However, if you are already on meds and you want to try something more natural, I recommend starting the natural therapy about 2-3 months before you start the process of coming off meds.

That way, your natural healing underpinning is in place and strong, and has been given some time to work, giving you that extra support that you will need while coming off the doctor-prescribed meds.


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