Today I’m talking about stress anxiety disorder and the different ways that stress can actually build up inside your body and build up over a period of time in such a way that you don’t even realise that it can be building up, until the worst happens and you happen to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

How does this happen?

Our bodies, as you know, are made up of energy and our bodies are always putting out energy and they’re always soaking up energy.

And like we have our own energy field, we are also part of the energy field of our family and we’re also part of the energy of our workplace.

We’re part of the energy of the bus or the train that we take to work. We’re part of many different collective energy fields that are made up of different people.

You are a sponge.

You soak up energy and you’re also putting out energy all of the time.

What can happen sometimes is when you go from your home environment which might be a calm and happy environment and you go to your work environment which, by their nature, tend to carry more stress within them and you spend all day in that workplace and in that energy field and then you come home and you bring that stress home with you.

And what happens is it builds up in your body because, you know, as a human, we’re very compassionate.

We don’t want to release that stress anxiety disorder within a calm home environment so we keep it with us.

And over time, it becomes part of who you are.

Stress builds up within your body and you need to know that way to release that stress and allow it to go back from whence it came which is back to the universe where it can be transmuted into positive energy.

Stress Anxiety Disorder: How to prevent stress from building into an Anxiety Disorder

How to prevent stress anxiety disorder?

On your way home from work, whether you’re walking or whether you’re driving or whether you’re on the bus, consciously go over everything that happened through the day, and don’t allow those thoughts to upset you.  Don’t allow them to build up.

If you have anger, acknowledge that the anger is there and then consciously put it in a bubble and release it.  And every time the anxious thought or the stressy thought comes back to you, just do the same thing again.  Put the stress anxiety disorder in a bubble and release it back to the universe.

Do this as often as you need to do it.  You might need to do it several times before you’re trained and your energy field is trained to release this energy on its own.  It will happen automatically in time as long as you do this exercise regularly.

If you do this exercise regularly enough, the stress won’t have the opportunity to build up in your body and manifest as an anxiety disorder or as an anxiety attack.

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