As an intelligent woman, your escalating symptoms of social anxiety disorder will be very obvious to you.

You will know that this is happening when your social anxiety becomes more of a habit – or your go-to reaction.

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder can all be boiled down to one thing:

Your social anxiety symptoms recur again and again, and they are getting in the way of you living a full and happy life.

You might find yourself cancelling plans – habitually – because you simply can’t face going out.

Or your dating shyness turns into full-blown dating avoidance, again and again.

You situational shyness turns into you rejecting each and every situation that brings that shyness on.

Your social anxiety becomes a disorder when it is a habit.

And obviously, something needs to be done about it.

The first step to healing, is understanding why the symptoms of social anxiety disorder are happening to you in the first place.

You might say ‘Yeah – I know why this is happening to me. I’m phobic about talking to people and that’s why I shut myself inside my home all weekend.”

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder: The REAL reason

But really – it goes deeper than that.

Deeper than the time you said something in all seriousness and everyone laughed at you?

Deeper still.

There is certainly a trauma that you’ve endured in the past that has caused you so much grief and pain that it has triggered a social anxiety disorder – but it already needs to be there, in order to be triggered.

So we dig deeper.

And it helps to understand that your brain is designed to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. As humans, we are all the same. Our brains work the same way.

Your ego is developed very early in childhood: It is how you perceive yourself as being separate from everything else in your existence. When you say “I” or refer to something as “yours” – you are claiming ownership via your ego.

Ego is not a negative thing. It is a very important and necessary thing. Your ego drives your sense of self. It is how you learn all the lessons that you were put on this planet to live.

And everything that you come into contact with subconsciously becomes an extension of who you are. Your home, your bed, your clothes, your things. The car you drive. Your job. Your partner. Your kids. In the back-part of the brain, where all your records of identity live, you see these things as YOU.

This is why we energy-healing folk say that our entire worlds are a reflection of ourselves.

Because in the human experience, this is true.

Even the stuff you don’t like.

Even the stuff that you would prefer to avoid.

Avoid… habitually.

The truth is: There really is no avoiding all the parts of yourself that you dislike, in the long-term.

Because sooner or later, the pain of staying the same will outweigh the pain of change.

And when you get to that point, you will need to dig deep within your own mind to find the driving forces that will keep you on-track and motivated as you heal from symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

Having a goal, and a strong reason why you want to heal, are a good start.


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