trustiing intuition with social anxietyTrust.

That is the sixth sense, my Butterfly.

It is having trust in the nudges, thoughts and feelings that you naturally get every day, guiding you along life’s path.

It is also having the trust in that feeling.

Putting aside the fears, doubts, and general feelings of “this doesn’t make sense” at first, can be a challenge.

(Eva says: Who am I kidding – it’s still a challenge!)

It’s because fear is such a primal instinct.

And social anxiety is primal instinct in hyper-mode.

Instinct is related to survival, and it is more of a reaction than anything else.

The difference between instinct and intuition is:

Instinct is behavioural-based, for example a skill or an activity comes naturally to a person even though they have never done it before.

Intuition is slower. It can take discipline to connect with, and develop.

And while instinct feels absolutely natural (because it is the animal body doing what the animal body knows best) –

Intuition comes with a whole host of doubts and insecurities.

Especially when you are trying to tune in to your intuition for the first time, or after an extended break.

And your attempt at intuition will often become gate-crashed by logical thought – which will try to come in and control the situation (because that’s what to logical brain does).

So it pays to understand that intuition is more than a thought.

Intuition can be a whole range of thoughts.

But the key difference is the feeling.

Intuition feels like truth.

Intuition feels like a ‘yes’ in a sea of ‘no’.

It is often quieter than a whisper, but that whisper is what sets it apart from all the shouting of your human emotions.

It is often described as a nudge – because it is the most persistent whisper, that will linger longer than the rest.

It’s like, standing among trees on a windy day, and suddenly the wind stops and you feel that incredible stillness that brings immense clarity with it.

And it can be hard to be able to get still enough to connect with it.

And it can be almost impossible to remain still long enough to hear it.

Because your logical brain will be firing out thoughts of doubt, disapproval and judgment.

Which is natural, and just shows that your brain is working properly (yay!)

But that is the biggest paradox of life – as spiritual beings born into animal bodies, we navigate this maze of life on earth with everything we have.

We can only make decisions based on the information that is available to us at the time.

And obviously, logical information is great, and serves to back our hunch or nudging from intuition.

But if your intuition is gently guiding you away from what common sense is telling you, or if you have a habit of questioning and re-questioning yourself at every turn, then that is where you will run into doubts.

Exercise: Connecting with your intuition

This exercise takes some practice, so don’t expect to “get it” right away.

Start by asking your intuition to guide you on small decisions throughout the day.

For example, if there are a number of ways you could drive to work, ask intuition to make the decision on which way you will turn.

(Eva says: In these circumstances, I always see an image of a map with the correct way highlighted, like a GPS.)

Once you start trusting your intuition on small decisions, you will feel your confidence building towards trusting your intuition on big decisions.

Love + light

Eva xo

PS – For more really useful and intuitive exercises to help you deal with social anxiety, have a read of my book.

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