Twitches out of nowhere and involuntary spasms driving you nuts? Are you getting more and more anxious about the twitching sensation? Is the twitching accompanied by facial numbness? Today I’m talking about twitching, and how anxiety causes twitches out of nowhere which are super annoying – and most importantly, how to calm the twitching.

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These are little spasms that are related to anxiety and I just want to guide you through some of the things that you can to help calm those twitches down – even if they are beginning to morph into throat and tongue spasms – and to make them stop because they are super annoying.

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They’re not going to hurt you but they’re super annoying and distracting and just something you’d prefer not to deal with if you could, at all, avoid it. Twitches out of nowhere happen to me from time to time when I’m getting extra stressed. Sometimes, when I’m spending extended periods in front of the computer, in front of the keyboard, I get twitches in my left eyelid. To someone looking at me, they can’t really notice them or see them but me, it feels like my whole eyeball is reverberating around its socket, it’s super annoying. So, this is what I do when I am dealing with those little muscular spasms and little twitches that come on from anxiety.
List of what to do when twitches come out of nowhere

Step 1: Twitches out of nowhere and spasms happen when your mind and body are not agreeing – there is a short-circuit in communication.

There’s some sort of short circuit in the communication that’s going on there. The trick is to really just understand that and to just understand that this is your body’s reaction to not knowing what’s going on which is like a bit of a fear response and what that does, it kind of can send your nerves and your muscles into a bit of a freeze frame. So if you just think about it like if you’re watching a DVD, I don’t know how many people really watch DVD’s anymore, but sometimes, when you watch the DVD a lot, it can get scratched and it can start to skip a little bit. Well, that’s what’s happening when you’ve got anxiety and it’s causing your body to twitch a bit, just think of it as a DVD that’s skipping a bit. It’s annoying but it’s not the end of everything.  (Well, it is for the DVD that’s scratched and you can’t watch it anymore.) But for you experiencing muscle twitches and annoying spasms due to anxiety, it’s really no big deal once you understand what it is and why twitches out of nowhere are happening.

Step 2: Consciously accepting that anxiety is the cause helps a lot – as it bridges the mind and body

Consciously accept that anxiety is the cause of your twitches out of nowhere and not try to stop it. Stop trying to stop those twitches. By trying to stop them, you’re actually feeding them because resistance is what feeds and fuels anxiety. Instead, just relax into the fact that your eyelid is twitching or whatever it is, whatever part of you is twitching and spasming, just relax into it and accept it. Just be like, “Yep, my body is twitching.  I don’t know why this has come on out of nowhere, I don’t understand it but that’s how it is and I am just going to accept it, that’s what my body needs to do right now in order to get itself realigned and back on track. I don’t need to do anything except just be a little bit more patient and forgiving with myself and consciously accept what is going on.”

Step 3: Try to see the funny side

Lightening your attitude towards the twitches out of nowhere will lighten the energetic load and therefore help to remove the block causing the twitching If your twitch is really noticeable, maybe laugh about it, make a joke about it. Lightening your attitude towards the spasms is really what lightens that energetic load and by lightening the energetic load, you remove that block that’s causing the twitching in the first place. So, do what you need to do to lighten that energetic load.  Laugh, do some breathing exercises, whatever you need to do to get though the time that you’re twitching in the lightest, friendliest-to-yourself, happiest way possible because by doing that, you just take all of that pressure off and by taking the pressure off, gradually, the twitching will calm down. First of all, it will be really, really frequent, it will feel like it’s happening all the time and then it will lessen and lessen and lessen and lessen. And as an example, my eyelid hasn’t twitched at all, all day. Yesterday, it twitched a little bit. The day before, it was twitching constantly and what I did was just accept that it was anxiety. That’s what happens to my body sometimes when I do get anxious and just really relaxed into it, breathed into it, just got really gentle with myself. So those are the three steps that you can take when your body is twitching seemingly out of nowhere and anxiety is giving you those little annoying spasms. If you’re experiencing twitches out of nowhere, I highly recommend that you download my free Grounding Meditation mp3. Love + light Eva xo
Affirmation for anxiety twitches

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