Overwhelm often manifests as procrastination. Too many things on the to-do, list and competing priorities can really pile up.

Overwhelm happens when you are out of balance in giving too much, at the expense of yourself.

It’s not lazy if you need to take a break. Learn how to say no to people. And taking some me-time is important. Remember to get out every now and then –  staying home can cause anxiety too.

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When you’re an anxious woman, overwhelm is a very, very common symptom.

I’ve suffered from it myself in my own life and throughout my anxiety journey, I found at times when my anxiety levels have peaked, that seems to be when everything comes piling in one on tops of the other and I just don’t know how to find my way out.

So, overwhelm is when things which might start small start coming in at a rapidly increasing rate.

This can be thoughts, these can be to do tasks, this can be anything that you need to attend to that just seems to be piling up and getting more and getting stronger and just becoming really, really over the top, leading to you just feeling like you wouldn’t even know where to begin.

So I just want to lead you through a simple three-step process – these are steps that you can take if you want to cut through the overwhelm in your life, defeat the overwhelm and emerge with a new sense of clarity and feeling like you can move forward.

Step 1: Write it down

Get your journal, write your list start to finish.

And if you don’t know where to start, just start with anything, whatever comes to your mind first and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense.

Just start writing.

If you wouldn’t know what to start writing, just start scribbling.

It doesn’t need to make sense at all, just get the pen writing.

Then words will start pouring out onto the page.

You might do it in a list, that’s what I tend to do, I tend to be list-focused, or it might go all over the page, you might end up drawing a picture, who knows?

But the important thing is that you just get that pen and that paper and you being to write.

Step 2: Look at your list and decide what you can take action on

The next step is to look  at everything that you’ve written and think of where you might start taking action.

You don’t need to take action yet, you just need to ponder where you might start on taking action.

What would make the most sense in terms of taking action?  And it doesn’t need to be perfect.

I find, with my lists, that numbering them through 1 to 10 or if that’s too much for you, 1 to 3. And you just prioritize things by giving them a number.  It’s much easier when it’s written down in front of you.

Step 3: Begin taking action – easiest thing first

Focus on the things that you CAN take action on.

So, you can do this by looking at your list of priorities and even though number one might be something you can’t take action on right away, well, number two might be the thing that you can take action on.

Number three might be the thing that you need to take action on first.

You might need to go through the list backwards, perhaps.

You just need to start with whatever would be the easiest thing for you to take action on, move that out of the way and then tackle something that might be a little bit more difficult or might have a few more steps involved.

And that key is that you don’t move forward on that list until you’ve completed the task before it.

So what you’ll end up with is a plan of action without even trying, without even knowing it.

You’ve worked your way out of overwhelm and you’ve created a plan of action.

Just keep taking action on it in a perfectly imperfect way.

We’re all humans, nothing is ever perfect, nothing is ever going to work out in a beautiful linear sequence start to finish.

There will be times where you’ll hit a road block or you’ll stumble or something won’t be done in the very best way that you’d hoped or you’ll come across failure but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking action on anyway.

I’ve got a guided meditation for you to download for free, it’s called the Space Between Your Brain Cells meditation and it’s really, really good for women like you who are experiencing overwhelm.

You just download it and you listen to it and I guide you through the step by step process to bring white light and space into your brain cells to give you that space to allow thoughts to flow through a lot easier for you. Download it now.

Love + light,

Eva xo

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