Feeling anxious about work? It’s actually quite common to feel scared, fearful about going to your job – but I have a great method to help you become calm and confident.

Download my free Anxiety before work meditation to feel calm and confident as you prepare for work.

Today, I’m going to talk you through some tips that you can use when you are dreading going to work tomorrow.

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I have been exactly where you are right now.

I have worked in some terrible jobs in my time.  I have also worked in some really good ones but I know that feeling of absolutely dreading going into work.

Just a story for you, back to my first job when I left uni with a particularly horrible job.  It was quite a toxic office environment, very, very competitive. It was very sales based and very sales focused and people had targets that they needed to meet each month which, you know, that’s reasonable.

But some of the tactics that people would employ to make these sales targets was just really  not in alignment with being the best people that they could be and it led to an office  environment which was very, very backstabby and very competitive and it just led to really feelings of you couldn’t trust anyone.

Not a good place to be and I am very, very happy to have moved on from there and moved on with my life.

I just want to show you some tips that you can use when you are feeling this way, when you’re feeling like you’ve got no choice but to go to work tomorrow, you’re absolutely dreading it and you don’t want to go.

Two of these tips are short-term tips that you can use right now to help yourself feel better and that you can use when you are in the workplace to make yourself feel better.  And the final tip is a longer term tip.

Step 1: Ground your energy

Step one is grounding your energy.

Now, when you’re stuck in a toxic environment and you are surrounded by people that don’t align with you and don’t have your best interest at heart, that can lead to your energy being dragged down and it can bring you into a state of reaction – constant reaction.

Basically, when something happens, you – whether you know it or not – always react to what it is that is going on.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Something will happen, you then react to that and then that causes you to feel deflated and down and unhappy.

Grounding brings you back into alignment and brings you energy down into your body again so that you can connect with yourself again so that you can really tune it to how you are truly feeling yourself and it brings back that focus to you, your own thoughts, your own feelings, how you are when you are not being tainted by this toxic environment that you’re in.

I have a free grounding meditation to guide you through how to ground your energy.

But just to quickly run you through it, you sit down and you get settled, you put your feet flat on the ground, you bring your energy down into your body and you simply visualize tree roots growing out  of the soles of your feet going down into the ground, down, down, down into the core of the earth.

And then you can feel that energy settling down into the core of the earth and you can bring earth energy back up into your body as well.

And that’s a really good way to feel calmer and more settled in yourself so that you’re not constantly in that reaction mode.

Step 2: Protect your energy

Step two – and this is another thing that you can use immediately to just make yourself feel a little bit better and a little bit soothed about going into work tomorrow – is a protection meditation.

I also have a guided meditation that you can use to really get yourself into this state of feeling protected. Download my free White Light protection meditation.

But just for now, just picture yourself in a bubble of white light.

This is a bubble that surrounds you and it is completely whole and it is just filled with beautiful healing pure white light.

And everything about the energy inside this bubble really wants the best for you, it’s really cheering you on, it’s holding you in protection and it’s really energizing you and nourishing you for what you need to move forward.

What you’ll find is, if put yourself in a bubble of white light just as you’re about to go into your toxic workplace, you will find that you are almost in a shield or definitely in a shield of perfect pure white light and you’ll just find that the things that would bug you normally don’t bug you as much.

You’ll find that you’re more resilient, you’ll find that you’re bouncing back quicker and you’ll find that you’re not taking things as personally as you might usually do.

In my own experience, I have found a huge difference between when I would white light myself before I go into my workplace and when I might not white light myself in my workplace, when I would forget to do that.  You’ll probably notice it as well.

So, I just ask that you try it, it can be super quick:  Just as you’re getting into that elevator in the morning or just as you’re parking your car in the carpark, just put yourself in a bubble of white light and you can notice the difference.

You can also use this white light trick for right now when you’re thinking about your workplace and you can picture your work desk in a bubble of white light, your work area in a bubble of white light. You can send white light ahead of you.

If you have a meeting that you’re maybe a little bit worried about, picture the meeting room in white light and you can also imagine the conversation in white light as well.

And what you’re doing by doing that is you’re aligning it with your energy, you’re putting healing energy into it, you’re aligning it with your own energy and you just kind of smoothing the road ahead for yourself.

Step 3: Work out what you DO want – and map out the steps to get there

The third step is to start making goals. This is a longer-term step.

So the third step is to decide what it is that you want and then to create the steps that you need to take in order to get yourself out of this toxic work environment long term.

You might say, “I’m stuck where I am, there are no other options for me.” But my Butterfly: there are other options for you.

They might take some time to attain, they might take some effort to attain.

The fact of the matter is if this work environment isn’t working for you and if you are scared and anxious about going to work tomorrow, something is going to change.

Something is going to change long term and just having a goal to eventually work your way out of where you’re currently stuck will do wonders for your sense of purpose and your ability to get out of bed in the morning.

So just think about what might you would like to do after you’re finished in this current workplace?

What might be the next step?

And then work out what are you currently doing to get there.

It might be something huge, you might need to go to nursing school in order to learn the skills and get the accreditation that you need to become a nurse.

Well, what are you going to do right now to start on that road? Contact the nursing school, get information about enrolment.  You might need the grades, you might need to go back and do over some schooling so that you can get the grades to get into nursing school.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.  However long the road is, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you now have the steps that you need to take and you just start on that path.

Taking the steps that you need to take to get to where you want to go for as long as it takes.

This isn’t about rushing things, this isn’t about skipping ahead.

This is about your life and doing what needs to happen, taking the long road, if that’s what is required, take that long road.

I can’t tell you how long my road has been to get to where I now currently am, working as a reiki practitioner, working as an energy healer, helping women to remove anxiety blocks from their life.

It’s taken me literally 15 years to get to where I am now and I just never gave up, I worked a myriad of jobs to get to where I am – some great, some not so great.

But I used the techniques that I have outlined in this blog to move me forward.

I grounded my energy, I protected myself in the short term and then I kept my eye on that long term prize of what I wanted.  I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a goal in the long term and to be taking steps to achieve it.

(Update) I created my free Anxiety before work meditation for you to listen to specifically before work, so you can go in feeling confident calm and peaceful about going to work.

Love + Light,

Eva xo

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