Q: What is causing my throat and tongue spasms? It’s very distracting and worries me when I try to speak or swallow. I worry that the spasms could get worse and eventually paralyse me. Is that possible? Or could it, like my doctor suggests, just be anxiety? My doctors says if I calm down about it the symptoms will go away. This doesn’t seem to work for me. Any insight or guidance you have will be gratefully considered.

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Eva’s Response: Hey Remy, thanks for your question. When you say spasm, do you mean you feel like anxiety is giving you twitches in your tongue and throat? Or do you mean spasm as in laryngeal spasm, where your throat feels like it’s (temporarily) closing over? My energy healing answer will remain the same, it’s just good for you to get a clear description for when you try to explain these symptoms to your doctor.

Which brings me to my disclaimer – it’s always get this type of symptom checked by a doctor. It’s likely to be anxiety, but you want to be sure. Extreme anxiety can cause neurological symptoms, but I’m not a doctor, I’m an energy healer so my answer will cover the underlying emotional and energetic blockages relating to your throat chakra.

Ok! Your throat chakra sits in your throat, and is the main energy centre for communication and expression.

When you are holding back on your communication and expression, that is when energy will become stuck in your throat chakra. In your case, this is manifesting as a sensation that your throat and tongue are spasming.

So my question to you is – what are you stopping yourself from expressing? What do you WISH you could say?

If you’re unsure (and don’t worry, most of my clients ARE unsure what their energy blocks are when they first come to work with me) try the following:

If you like to journal, begin writing. Just start by writing random thoughts onto a page, and see what comes up. It might take some time (and several pages!) but your block WILL come up.

If you are more of a visual/feeling person, you can picture your throat and tongue, and imagine what it looks like energetically when you get the spasms. Is there are colour or a pattern that appears when the throat and tongue spasms occur? Take note of any feelings that arise your you as you are visualising your spasms – do you feel anxious or angry? What other bodily sensations are you feeling at the same time?

Then you need to begin circulating energy within your throat chakra to release the energy block that is causing your throat and tongue spasms.

Affirmations are a GREAT way to do this.

In a mirror, create some statements that empower you, based on what your energy blocks are.

For example, let’s say your energy block relates to holding back on your opinions regarding how a business is being run, and you are worried that if you speak up it will create conflict – you could create an affirmation such as “I speak my truth clearly and bravely. My opinion is well-thought and well-researched, and I have my reasons for believing what I do.”

If affirmations aren’t your thing, or you are more of a visual person, picture white light and space entering your throat chakra, and surrounding the energy block. You might see the white light soaking into the energy block, dissolving it in places. Don’t force the block to be removed, just allow it to be there and let the white light and space do it’s work with minimal effort from you.

These actions will definitely help to release the energy block and will therefore cause the tongue and throat spasm to settle.  But because it is a deeper and more emotional/energetic fix than what society these days is used to, it may take some time. It depends on your commitment to really dig into the true reason of why the energy block is causing your throat and tongue spasms, and to find the healing growth opportunity that is waiting for you.

I hope this helps Remy!

Love + light

Eva xo