I am a Reiki practitioner and I help women heal anxiety in their lives.

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Who I work with

Most of my clients are women who have been fighting this battle in secret. Living a high-functioning life, there are very few people who understand what you’re dealing with. You value your privacy highly and use up a LOT of energy to maintain the appearance of having it all together.

You are educated, smart and funny. You’ve done all the ‘right’ things in life – you’re most likely married, have kids, and you have a career. You want to take the next step into independence and freedom. You will fiercely protect what you’ve got – but there’s this underlying anxiety that if you keep feeling this way, everything will fall apart.

I understand that your anxiety, with all its problems and symptoms, is unique – so my aim is to always get right healing mix for you so that you can move forward into a life of peace, clarity and calm as soon as possible.

For this reason, I offer a range of products and services to help you at different budgets and touch-levels.

You can work with me in a number of different ways:

Free guided meditations for anxiety

Digital products

Energy Healing Premium MP3 tracks and kits to Heal Anxiety

Full Premium MP3 kits

Individual Premium MP3 tracks

Reiki and Energy Healing Services


… Coming soon.

Best way to be informed about upcoming courses is by downloading a free guided meditation that is relevant to you and I will keep in touch by email.

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