Anxiety setbacks are crushing… but nobody tells you they hide the secret to clarity and peace

Distance healing will get to the core of your anxiety blocks so you can move forward once and for all.

You’re not crazy.

Yes, I know it feels like you’re going insane.

I am very familiar with the treadmill you find yourself on – of persistent anxiety that keeps coming back even though you’re trying so hard to deal with it.

I’ve been there myself.

There is no end of treatments for anxiety – just choosing one can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of “help”.

You’ve probably tried many options. You’ve probably had success. You’ve probably learned some great strategies to support your anxiety levels.

But a couple of months (perhaps years) down the track, here you are:

  • Anxiety creeping in again
  • Worry stronger than you’ve experienced before
  • Zero motivation and energy
  • Constant overwhelm
  • Trapped by negative thoughts
  • Sleepless with frustration and tension
  • Unable to get unstuck
  • Feeling miserable
  • Second-guessing yourself
  • Can’t shake the feeling that you’re never enough, and will never succeed

Well. It’s good to know you aren’t alone, because I specialise in helping people just like you.

And I always tell people that there is a difference between managing your anxiety and SHIFTING IT once and for all.

I’m Eva Lane. I’m an energy healer.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re feeling any of the symptoms listed above, even just 1 or 2, you definitely have anxiety blocks which are stopping you from living the inspired, carefree, peaceful life you deserve.

Every anxiety block is a trauma that needs to be released for your energy (and life) to flow smoothly.

So what does a distance healing involve?

Step 1:

After you place an order, I tune in to your energy field within 3 working days. You do not need to be available at this time. You don’t even need to be aware that I’m doing this. While the healing is happening, you will feel peaceful and calm. Your body will feel lighter, and the world will look more sunny and clear.

Step 2:

During the distance healing, I remove energy blocks as I see them.  

As I tune in, I create a distance healing report of your chakras. All insights, blockages, messages from spirit guides – it all goes into the distance healing report.

I also include instructions on how you can reinforce the healing to stop the energy blocks coming back.

Step 3:

When you receive the report, you will most likely feel curious and excited. You’ll get the inside scoop on your energy field – the missing puzzle-piece that nobody else has told you about. A report loaded with intelligence on your energy field and anxiety blocks.

Step 4:

Confidently follow the instructions to reinforce the healing and remove the blocks. You’ll see astonishing results. Guaranteed freedom. Permanent, sustainable change. Clarity like you’ve never experienced before. Miracles will open up in unexpected ways.

I had anxiety whenever I was going somewhere new – fear of the unknown. Eva’s ability to tap into my body and my world from a distance has been so enlightening.

Mikaela M

I feel so much better now and feel like do much as been achieved. I’m finding my memory has improved. My head feels clear. I’m thinking clearer. No stomach problems. I have already told everyone about my amazing experience and recommended you

Jodie P

After so many visits to mainstream doctors I realised they couldn’t help me. I was struggling with leaving the house, getting out of bed and facing the world. The healing gave me clarity to assess and how to think about what I was feeling. I was comforted that somebody cared. I considered Eva’s advice that my crown chakra should be a priority. I feel I have worked through this and it is my pineal gland that I’m struggling with. I’d say to anyone who is scared, unsure, lost: Eva is the gentle guiding hand you need.

Kylie D

Take your power back

It’s time to take charge. Ordering a distance healing will:

  • Permanently heal your anxiety blocks
  • Surprise you with the quickness of results
  • Free your mind to become light and optimistic
  • Put the power in your hands to maintain sustainable change
  • Give you clarity like you’ve never experienced before
  • Motivate you with a clear plan
  • Inspire you to outgrow your rut
  • Uplift your energy to higher levels
  • Focus on your priorities so you make the right choices
  • Make you feel joyful and liberated
  • Help you feel capable and strong, exactly how life is meant to be.

Most of all, a distance healing will empower you to make changes in your life.

Without change, everything stays the same.

If you do nothing, nothing will change – This is why you must use this moment to decide whether you want to remain trapped, stuck and paralysed.

If you do nothing, you won’t know what your anxiety block is so you won’t have the awareness or tools to heal it.

The anxiety block will get worse – other blocks will build up around it. The block will just build and build, and the spiral will continue.

Say yes to healing and moving on with your life.

Say yes to optimism, possibilities,
empowerment and peace.

I absolutely know that a distance healing will have the power to change your life.

My guarantee is this: Order a distance healing, and I will email your pdf report to you within 3 working days. The report will contain new information and personalised ways of healing your anxiety – ways you’ve never considered before. Implement the action steps, and the floodgates of healing will open. You will notice real and measurable changes to your anxiety levels immediately. If you’re unhappy, let me know and you’ll get an immediate refund.

I was starting to feel miserable in my life, always second-guessing myself. I was feeling scared all the time, and was really hard on myself. I get highly anxious at times, so I was looking for support to help me deal with my anxiety. Your reports resonate very strongly with me and how I am currently feeling. I often refer back to them. I’m able to feel more confident in myself and feel positive about the future again. I’m calm, and I haven’t had a headache for months. I can think more clearly, I’m starting to let go of some of my anger and I am sleeping better. I feel that your distance healings are authentic, it has been a positive and helpful experience for me.

Shauna B

I was questioning if I’m good enough to help others and achieve my goals. Eva, you are amazing! I’ve never had such clarity before and to have it come from a distance healing was incredible. It absolutely described who I am, what I experience and the past life… wow! It explained so much about things that have happened in my life. I’m feeling more confident. I feel physically lighter, as if I’ve lost weight but also emotionally lighter as well. I feel that I now truly believe my goals will become a reality.

Emma L

I was getting increasing feelings of anxiety, and loss of motivation and energy to do things I’d previously enjoyed. Constant feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling stuck. Physically, I was experiencing increased heart rate and ‘adrenaline’ rushes. Not wanting to leave the house to go places if I could avoid it. I was surprised when you told me things you would have no way of knowing in my report… The things you mentioned hit home very much and all rang true with me. The message you passed along from my grandmother was the most unexpected part. Since my distance healing with you, I am feeling less overwhelmed, and able to break tasks down into smaller and more manageable goals. I’m feeling much more optimistic that current situations will resolve well and things will start moving forward.

Carly D

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