Distance Healing Sessions: Book Now

Eva Lane, Energy Healer

Are the worries making you doubt yourself and your clarity? Are anxiety blocks preventing true peace? I invite you to try distance healing, a powerful technique that will free your mind from anxious thoughts.

Through distance healing sessions – no matter where in the world you are – source will work through me to reach your energy until your mind and soul feel clear again. Your worries can be washed away as inner peace floods back into every corner of your life – trust me, it won’t take long for you to reap its rewards!

All that’s left is one simple step: Sign up for an appointment now and liberate yourself from anxiety today.

I had anxiety whenever I was going somewhere new – fear of the unknown. Eva’s ability to tap into my body and my world from a distance has been so enlightening.

Mikaela M

I was questioning if I’m good enough to help others and achieve my goals. Eva, you are amazing! I’ve never had such clarity before and to have it come from a distance healing was incredible. It absolutely described who I am, what I experience and the past life… wow! It explained so much about things that have happened in my life. I’m feeling more confident. I feel physically lighter, as if I’ve lost weight but also emotionally lighter as well. I feel that I now truly believe my goals will become a reality.

Emma L

After so many visits to mainstream doctors I realised they couldn’t help me. I was struggling with leaving the house, getting out of bed and facing the world. The healing gave me clarity to assess and how to think about what I was feeling. I was comforted that somebody cared. I considered Eva’s advice that my crown chakra should be a priority. I feel I have worked through this and it is my pineal gland that I’m struggling with. I’d say to anyone who is scared, unsure, lost: Eva is the gentle guiding hand you need.

Kylie D

I feel so much better now and feel like do much as been achieved. I’m finding my memory has improved. My head feels clear. I’m thinking clearer. No stomach problems. I have already told everyone about my amazing experience and recommended you

Jodie P

I was starting to feel miserable in my life, always second-guessing myself. I was feeling scared all the time, and was really hard on myself. I get highly anxious at times, so I was looking for support to help me deal with my anxiety. Your reports resonate very strongly with me and how I am currently feeling. I often refer back to them. I’m able to feel more confident in myself and feel positive about the future again. I’m calm, and I haven’t had a headache for months. I can think more clearly, I’m starting to let go of some of my anger and I am sleeping better. I feel that your distance healings are authentic, it has been a positive and helpful experience for me.

Shauna B