Free guided meditations for anxiety

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Meditation for intrusive thoughts

A guided meditation will help you deal with intrusive thoughts. Dealing with unwanted scary thoughts can be stressful, but it is important not to worry about them too much because they are not dangerous and do not mean that you will act on them.

Anxiety nausea – guided meditation

Anxiety nausea? Get rid of awful anxiety and feel better with this guided meditation. Listen regularly and feel the queasy feeling fade away.

Anxiety, Worry and Sleep Guided Meditation

Release worry with this guided meditation for anxiety and sleep, which will take you on a healing journey to calm your energy field.

Neurological symptoms of anxiety meditation

Tingling in the face, hands or feet? Anxiety pins and needles? Numbness in weird areas? Twitches and spasms getting distressing? Use this guided mediation to restore and heal your neurological symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety before work meditation

Anxiety before work? This work anxiety guided meditation is just what you need. Listen to this meditation before you go to work.

Panic Self Help Meditation

Listen to this free panic self help meditation during an anxiety attack. Settle your panic attack with a countdown from 20 to 1, backed by divine healing music. The healing vibration of this gentle, reassuring track, will help you feel in-control.

Hangover Anxiety Meditation

Listen to this free hangover anxiety meditation to calm the heavy feelings of anxiety after drinking. Free download to help you shake the tension, guilt, shame and anxiety that creep in after drinking alcohol.

Stop dizziness from anxiety meditation

Stop dizziness from anxiety. This free guided meditation will relieve your vertigo caused by stress. It will gently and powerfully realign and support your energy.

Space between your brain cells meditation

Busy, overwhelmed and stressed out? Got so much to do that it feels like your head is going to explode? Feel like you’re going crazy? With extra space, you will have extra capacity to think clearly and make decisions with ease. Listen twice a day and that ‘going crazy” feeling will be a thing of the past!


Heal anxiety blocks with this free Ho’oponopono MP3 download. This is an ancient Pacific Island healing mantra which has created miracles in the lives of millions.

White Light Protection Meditation

This free energy protection meditation guided meditation MP3 is pure energy healing magic for anxiety caused by dealing with difficult people. Block energy vampires and people who drain you. Get energetic protection and support.

Grounding Meditation

Feeling scattered and out of control? Try my grounding meditation. I take you through one of my key energy healing exercises which helps ground and centre yourself. Listen to this morning and night, and you will feel more focused, centred, calm and fully IN your body.

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