About Eva Lane

Reiki Practitioner

Hi, I’m Eva Lane

I help people overcome anxiety issues through reiki and guided meditations.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner in the Tanran Reiki lineage, and I hold a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Newcastle.

I’m deeply proud of this website, Anxious Relief, and the hundreds of people I’ve been able to help over the years through my courses, distance healing and free meditations.

I believe… Everything is energy. The universe expands and accelerates. We are spiritual beings in human bodies, and we are put on this planet to learn and grow.

My favourite quote… “Suffering ceases to be suffering the moment it finds a meaning” – Viktor E Frankl


My Story

20 years ago, if I could have seen myself helping so many people overcome anxiety issues, I never would have believed it.

I’d always been anxious and I have very strong memories of intrusive thoughts and panic attacks far back into my childhood.

Things escalated in my teens, and I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder at age 22.

At age 24, on a plane trip, I felt a twitch in my right arm, and then my arm from the elbow down went numb.

This numbness and tingling spread progressively up my arm and then over the next two weeks spread further until my entire body was a tingling, throbbing mess of nerve endings.

I went to see a doctor (not my usual doctor), who said very bluntly “I think you have multiple sclerosis.”

Well. That triggered the worst, longest, hardest panic attack of my life. It lasted 6 weeks.

I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and all I could do was obsess about having an illness.

I was terrified. Constantly. Waiting for medical tests, and the result of the medical tests, was torture.

This is where my story gets interesting.

It was during this protracted anxiety meltdown, that the Archangel Michael appeared to me one night.

I had been trying to sleep, and I was in a fitful state of delirium.

It felt like my soul was trying to escape my body – as if I was floating a few feet above myself.

And then, a really, really, really tall guy appeared next to my bed.

“Sit up,” he said.

So I sat up.

“Turn and sit on the edge of your bed, with your feet flat on the floor,” he instructed.

So I did that.

“Put yourself into your feet,” he said, teaching me how to ground myself.

And then he said:

“I want you to listen to me. There is nothing wrong with you…” And the rest of our interaction was non-verbal.

He connected with my heart chakra, imparting pure truth and love.

I guess the closest way to describe our interaction was like telepathy, except he bypassed my brain and went straight to the heart chakra.

He poured pure truth into me, and I accepted his energy without question.

Then he spoke:

“Do you understand?”

And I said “Yes.”

Then he said: “Now go to sleep.”

So I did.

I slept the best I’ve ever slept in my life.

I awoke refreshed, happy and… seeing auras. Auras: a person’s energetic blueprint, which stretches beyond their physical body in layers, for several feet. I see auras as blobs of colour, texture, pattern and heat.

And I was officially cleared of having MS. The numbness and tingling was put down to anxiety.

The combination of extreme anxiety and spiritual awakening put me on the path to helping people overcome anxiety issues through spiritual means (reiki and guided meditations).

I spent the next 5 years learning all I could about anxiety, and exploring my spiritual and healing abilities.

I started Anxious Relief in 2012, and I’ve been helping people ever since.

I hope that gives you some insight into who I am, and how I can help you! I’m happy to answer any questions – simply contact me.

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