Anxiety Dizziness Treatment – Feel calm, steady and clear

Dizzy No More is a revolutionary guided meditation program

You know the feeling. Anxiety disorders have you trapped in an unstable whirl of powerlessness. You’re probably battling it now.

Your anxiety is so bad it’s causing chronic dizziness – leaving you feeling off-kilter, incapacitated, helpless.

Dizziness stops you being able to do normal, everyday things

Doctors tell you nothing can be done, except to pass the time and wait in hope for the dizziness to lift.

But who has time to wait? People have battled dizziness anxiety for years.

You wonder if maybe your doctor missed something.

You start googling your dizziness symptoms, seeking a specific diagnosis

A whole bunch of scary terms pop up, such as “chronic subjective dizziness” and “benign positional vertigo” and “meniere’s disease.”

Vestibular disorders pop up again and again in your search results. You learn all about the vestibular system – vestibular disorder, vestibular migraine… could it be that?

No – surely your doctor’s medical expertise would have picked that up during the initial consultation?

You find articles in medical journals that claim anxiety is the number one cause of dizziness.

Could this be it? Could your old enemy anxiety possibly be causing your dizziness?

I know the exact feeling. Anxiety disorders had me living this way for YEARS.

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The first time I experienced one of these acute episodes of dizziness and anxiety was in 2012 – year from hell. I fell pregnant. My aunt died suddenly. I miscarried the baby. One of my best friends died suddenly. All within a space of a few months.

Naturally, my anxiety disorder was through the roof. I was living in a permanent state of high alert, waiting for the next disaster to happen.

My husband decided I needed a break, and a quick trip to Bali was hastily planned. Next thing I knew, I was in Denpasar International Airport, needing to pay a cash-only visa tax, and local drivers in my face trying to take my suitcases to their vehicle.

The intensity of Bali was too much. I just wanted to go home. After a couple of days, I woke up feeling ‘off’. Dizzy and nauseous.

I thought the physical symptoms were caused by the heat, or maybe something I’d eaten

We took a winding road up a Mountain to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali (think “Eat, Pray, Love”). As we got higher, the dizziness got worse. The chronic anxiety was ramping up too.

I started feeling like I was going to faint, or vomit, or both. I had to keep stopping the car and getting out to vomit (or try to). I was so embarrassed. We’d only been in Bali a few days and I was making such a scene.

My husband had to carry me up the steps to our villa. The next day I could barely get out of bed. Chronic dizziness had me bed-bound.

The message from my body was clear – I needed to go home

On the plane home, I started feeling very claustrophobic. Anxiety symptoms crept in, and I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

My mental health was completely taken over by anxiety and dizziness.

I started sweating and my heart was racing. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, judging me, wondering what was wrong with me.

I was convinced everyone knew how anxious I felt, how panicked I was. That they could see through me.

It took all my strength not to scream and run off the plane

When we landed, I had to be carried off the plane by my husband. I was so dizzy I couldn’t walk.

I got home, and sought the expertise of a medical professional.

I was told to ‘wait and see’ if the dizziness symptoms resolved themselves.

But waiting is not an option when you have a family to support, work commitments and a life to lead.

I was sent for a MRI, which showed nothing.

The GP said it was most likely due to anxiety and sent me away.

But the dizziness and anxiety persisted

I saw another GP who sent me for more tests – this time, an ENT specialist to check for inner ear problems.

Again, no cause for my chronic dizziness could be found.

Finally, all avenues were exhausted and the process of elimination gave me a diagnosis:

“Chronic subjective dizziness exacerbated by anxiety”

These fancy words basically meant – “you’re anxious and that’s making the dizziness worse.”

The medical professionals were not wrong. My anxiety was through the roof.

It felt like a vicious cycle though – my anxiety disorder was triggering the dizziness, which made my anxiety worse, which in turn made my dizziness worse.

I needed a circuit-breaker to get me out of this cycle.

I knew anxiety disorder was causing my dizziness, but that didn’t help me stop it

I tried everything to get my anxiety and dizziness under control. I saw a psychologist and a psychiatrist. I took medication. I tried natural remedies. I changed my diet. I did yoga.

But nothing worked.

The anxiety and dizziness were still there, haunting me every day.

I felt like I was living in a prison of my own mind, unable to escape the anxiety and dizziness symptoms no matter what I did.

My panic attacks got worse. I started to have them daily. They were so bad I would have to lie down in a dark room and wait for them to pass.

The anxiety and dizziness were robbing me of my life. I was unable to work, socialize or even leave the house.

I was desperate for a solution. But it felt like there was none.

It was a dark time for me, but I refused to give up hope.

I knew there had to be a way out of this cycle of anxiety and dizziness

I hung in there. My anxiety disorder and dizziness were my biggest challenges, but I was determined to beat them.

By about Christmas 2012, the dizziness had settled. It just took patience and a lot of time.

I hoped to be off the dizziness and anxiety rollercoaster for ever.

In September 2013, I fell pregnant again.

My beautiful boy was born in May 2014. I took time off work, and life was good.

In May 2015, my baby turned 1. Life was busy, and I left it last minute to decide to throw a birthday party for him.

I remember being awake at midnight, getting the party ready. I was so exhausted.

The next day, I woke up and the anxiety and dizziness was back with a vengeance

It hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I couldn’t function. I couldn’t even get out of bed some days.

The dizziness was so bad I felt like I was going to faint. I had to sleep sitting up, because if I laid down, the room would spin.

I was so nauseous I couldn’t eat. I lost weight and my hair started falling out in clumps.

I was a shell of myself

Again, I saw GP after GP, ENT specialist after ENT specialist.

Again, they all said it was anxiety-related and there was nothing they could do.

I read self-help books, I tried different types of physical therapy, I exercised, I ate well.

But the dizziness and anxiety persisted.

My chronic dizziness miracle happened when I was at rock bottom

My kids were playing in the yard. I was watching them and I started to feel really dizzy.

In my head, I begged God “Please, please make this stop. I can’t do this anymore. I just want to be normal again.”

At that moment, I heard a voice in my head say “Get your journal.”

So I went and got my journal, and on a gentle warm spring morning I channeled my healing.

I wrote and I wrote, and I cried and I cried.

It was like a dam had burst inside of me.

For the first time in years, I felt hope.

I felt like I had been given a glimpse of light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.

From that moment on, my anxiety-related dizziness started to improve.

I had channeled a powerful healing meditation to target chronic anxiety related dizziness

The dizziness didn’t go away overnight, but with time and patience, it got better.

I started to feel more like myself again.

I was able to start working part-time, and then eventually full-time.

My hair stopped falling out, my weight stabilised, and the stress response calmed down.

The more I revisited my chronic dizziness meditation, the better I felt

I felt intuitively guided to channel deeper healings to support the initial one.

I felt the anxiety symptoms fall away, and I began to feel a deep strength and power within me that I never knew existed.

The chronic dizziness miracle had happened – and I knew I needed to share it to help others.

My breakthrough dizziness anxiety treatment solution

Dizzy No More is a revolutionary program which will take you off that rollercoaster of dizzy helplessness and frustration, leading to calm, centred steadiness.

In Dizzy No More, I’ll teach you how to stay centered in the present moment with my guided meditation program. This natural anxiety treatment method has helped so many people just like you get their life back.

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Dizzy No More will:

  • Directly target your anxiety induced dizziness
  • Calm the anxiety disorders that interrupt your normal everyday life
  • Eliminate the dizzy spells and panic attacks for good
  • Build your inner strength, so you feel more confident to take on whatever life throws at you
  • Provide you with techniques and tools that you can use for the rest of your life
  • Ground your energy so you can re-engage with friends and social situations
  • Clear that vague feeling so you can maintain conversation
  • Empower you to get back into things like walking, cooking and driving
  • Inspire and energise you, where you used to feel tired and fatigued
  • Focus your energy beyond the constant swimming feeling in your head
  • Bring balance back to your mind, body and spirit
  • Regain your steadiness and composure

Thank you for helping me to find relief from my anxiety and dizziness. This course has truly been a life-changing experience for me.

I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and dizziness. I was feeling overwhelmed because I was starting my own business and I wasn’t sure if I could handle it all.

The Dizzy No More program was a great solution for me because it was short and easy to commit to. It only took 10 minutes a day and I saw a significant decrease in my anxiety levels. The best part is that I didn’t have to struggle with long, difficult meditation courses.

This program was truly life-changing for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or dizziness. Thank you for helping me to find relief!


I dealt with anxiety-caused dizziness for years. I was tired of losing my balance and feeling like falling over at any second. 

When I found Dizzy No More, I was a bit hesitant at first, but after using the program for two weeks, I noticed a huge difference. I felt more relaxed and grounded, and I haven’t had a dizzy spell since.

The best part of Dizzy No More is the weekly patience track. This helps you focus on yourself and your progress each week. And if you ever have a dizzy spell, you’ll know how to relax and ground yourself.

If you’re looking for a way to overcome anxiety-caused dizziness, I highly recommend the Dizzy No More program. It’s helped me immensely, and I’m sure it can help you too.


Since starting the Dizzy No More course, I have experienced a significant improvement in my anxiety and dizziness. The program was easy to follow and the results were amazing. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with anxiety and dizziness.


As well as healing their anxiety and dizziness, people have reported:

  • Relief from chronic stress
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater sense of calmness and peace
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • More self-awareness and understanding
  • Greater sense of connectedness to others
  • A deeper connection to your intuition and inner guidance
  • Greater sense of spiritual wholeness and harmony.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to dizzy spells and anxiety attacks, and finally take control of your life, then register for Dizzy No More today.

Since starting the Dizzy No More course, I have not had a dizzy spell. I felt at peace knowing that if I was to get dizzy during an attack again, I would know how to ground myself and relax my body.

Ella H

I have suffered from Social Anxiety all my life and have been able to control somehow but it keeps relapsing sometimes. Before this program, I was dealing with starting a new job and felt very anxious and overwhelmed most of the times. I started the program and my dizziness had disappeared after two weeks. I continued with the program and by the end, my anxiety was completely gone. The best part is that it only took me six weeks to achieve this!


I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who suffers from anxiety or dizziness. When I used it the first day, I felt a little different. I was having some doubts about it especially seeing how it was only for the little time. I felt amazing. I could feel the difference in my mind and body. It is a short meditation but it is truly effective. My anxiety level has decreased significantly and I am much more in a balanced state.

Eva P

From the first time you use the Dizzy No more program, you will experience immediate relief.

You are about to start a journey of discovering yourself. Your mind will be guided through a process that helps you program your energy field like never before.

You can change your life by getting back into balance physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I promise you, use this program just once and you will feel calm, grounded and clear for the first time in months.

Use it again and again to reinforce and make the results permanent.

Took a chance and made an investment in the Dizzy No More course despite being sceptical it would not work for me. I am now aware how to ground myself to relax. My dizziness has disappeared and my anxiety is gone. I’m so glad I took the plunge.

Sarah W

The Dizzy No More program was a true lifesaver for me. I had been struggling with anxiety and dizziness for years and nothing seemed to help. Within the first week of using the program, my symptoms started to improve and by the end of the six weeks, I’m feeling better than ever!

Emily G

I never thought something so simple could be so effective but after just a few weeks of using the Dizzy No More program, my anxiety and dizziness were gone!

Jenna B

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will a meditation program help me treat dizziness caused by my anxiety disorder?

A: Research suggests that meditation is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Through regular practice, you can learn to control your thoughts and emotions, and better manage the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Beyond the scientific research, the meditations contained within Dizzy No More are pure energetic goodness. Not only will you see a reduction in your anxiety symptoms, but you’ll gain a greater sense of inner peace and calm.

Q: Is the investment worth it? Will this program help me achieve my goals?

A: The program is a solid investment in your future. It will help you reduce anxiety and dizziness, improving your overall quality of life. Plus, it’s a one-time payment, so there are no additional costs down the road.

Q: Can you tell me more about how this program can help me?

A: If anxiety disorders are causing dizziness for you, this program will absolutely help you. Dizzy No More will help you by providing relief from your anxiety and dizziness symptoms, through a guided meditation program. It will also help improve your overall quality of life by giving you the tools you need to manage your anxiety disorder.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: Most people start to see results almost immediately, and the dizziness will fade away quickly with continued use. However, everyone is different, so results may vary. Give it a chance, trust the process and give it some time to see full results.

Q: What if I’m using medication? Will Dizzy No More still work for me?

A: The beauty of this program is that it is a completely safe and natural treatment. It can be used in conjunction with any medication or physical therapies. You will probably find that Dizzy No More improves the effectiveness of your other therapies.

Q: I’m not sure I can commit to the program.

A: That’s okay! The meditations are actually very short and easy to use. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can fit the program into your routine. I do offer a money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free. If you feel like you cannot commit, I’ll refund your purchase.

If you’re struggling with anxiety and dizziness, I urge you to try Dizzy No More. The program is a solid investment in your future, and it will help you reduce anxiety and dizziness, improving your overall quality of life. Plus, it’s a one-time payment, so there are no additional costs down the road.

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Guaranteed results:

I offer a money-back guarantee because I’m confident in the results this program can provide. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply let me know. If you use Dizzy No More as instructed for a month, and it doesn’t work for you I will refund your money. You can even KEEP the meditations, and I will still refund your money. That’s how much I KNOW it will change your life.

I have suffered from anxiety and dizziness for many years and had tried many different things to get rid of it but nothing worked. I was skeptical about this program at first, but after using it for a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge difference. My anxiety level decreased significantly and I was able to get rid of my dizziness. This program is truly effective and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety or dizziness.


The biggest shift for me is being very calm and relaxed amidst the chaos of my work, family and mental health pressures. Though this has been a stressful time, this program helped me to be really relaxed and handle my anxiety disorder much more easily.


This program is amazing! I have suffered from anxiety and dizziness for years and was hesitant to try this program because I wasn’t sure if it would work. After using the course for two weeks, my anxiety and dizziness has disappeared.