Anxious Relief

Reiki and Guided Meditations

Hey Butterfly!

There are so many ways I can help your symptoms of anxiety:


1: Feeling dizzy? So anxious you feel like you just can’t seem to stop the world from spinning and swirling out of control? My Stop dizziness from anxiety meditation is just the thing for you.


2: Getting neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling, zaps, twitches? You need my Neurological symptoms of anxiety meditation.


3: Sick stomach? That churning nausea that comes with anxiety is horrible – but you can calm it with my Anxiety nausea guided meditation.


4: Panic attacks hijacking your ability to live and function normally? Next time you have a panic attack, listen to my Panic self help meditation.


5: Waking up hallucinating that there are spiders crawling through the walls, or worried the ceiling will crash down? Getting other night-time freak outs that are ruining your ability to get a good night’s sleep? You need my Nocturnal panic attacks guided meditation.


All of the above are anxiety symptoms that I personally experienced myself – and I have used reiki and guided meditations to heal my own life and I have helped countless others, too.

How do I use Reiki and Guided Meditations heal symptoms of anxiety in my clients?

The very first thing I teach any client is how to ground and protect your energy.

These two very simple techniques are the absolute foundation of re-connecting and learning to trust life again – and I show you how, for free! Download and listen to the guided meditations:

Whew! I offer so much on this site for free. But there’s more…

Distance reiki healing sessions

Every month I email a free group distance energy healing to my list – it is a general taste-tester so you can get some general guidance for the month ahead, and order a personal distance healing for anxiety when you are really to really dig in and shift your anxiety blocks.

Courses, courses, courses

I am beginning to offer some life-shifting courses, which will see you getting to the core of your specific anxiety issues, lifting and shifting them with minimal fuss. To see what courses I currently offer, look for “courses” on the nav bar.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to show you how wonderful, calm, safe and happy your life can be!

Love + light

Eva xo

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