Anxiety Relief through Reiki Healing

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I’m Eva Lane and I’ll show you how to treat anxiety through Reiki energy healing.

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Relieve anxiety while pregnant

Relieve anxiety while pregnant by following my 3 very simple steps to gain peace of mind during this very special time. I experienced pregnancy anxiety myself, so these tips are what I actually did to relieve anxiety while pregnant in my own experience....

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How to stop worrying about stupid little things

Stop worrying about stupid little things and the frustrating, annoying, exasperating anxiety that goes along with it all! Use my tips to gain a happier, clearer and more peaceful outlook. Today, I want to talk to you about how to stop worrying about stupid...

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Does reiki really work for anxiety?

Q: Hi Eva, just an enquiry - does reiki really work for anxiety? How is it possible that you can wave your hands around and then I’m instantly cured? It seems really bogus to me and I just want to know how the healing works. Can you tell me what actually...

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Natural treatment for excessive sweating caused by anxiety?

Q: Hi Eva, Is there a natural treatment for excessive sweating caused by anxiety? I sweat so badly – I sweat through layers of light natural fabrics and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s hot or cold – I’m sweating. I have definitely noticed...

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Does anxiety ever go away?

Q: Hello Eva, my question is: Does anxiety ever go away? I’ve suffered from panic attacks for as long as I can remember, and I want to know, does it ever end? I mean really? I have read that it is the most treatable mental health condition but when that...

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How to say no nicely (without upsetting everyone)

So you want to know how to say no nicely and politely, preferably in a positive way? Read this first. I want to talk to you about how to say no nicely, without upsetting people. Watch the video or continue reading below… Now, I know, as women and as...

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Panic attack heart rate – what is safe?

Q: Hi Eva, what is the highest panic attack heart rate that I’m safe to have? When I panic, my heart beats out of my chest and I can feel myself getting sweaty and dizzy. I’m just wondering what these panic attacks are doing to my body long-term and...

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Why does depersonalization make you feel tired?

Depersonalization, also known as dissociation or derealization, is an anxiety symptom which gives you a floating feeling and a sense of unreality… and makes you exhausted. Here's why. Today I want to talk to you about depersonalization (or derealization)...

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Worried about every ache and pain?

If every twinge and niggle is making you anxious, and you’re worried about every ache and pain, this blog post will show what you can do to ease your stress. I want to talk to you about health anxiety.  This is a particular type of anxiety where you are...

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