Natural Relief
for Anxiety

through Meditation and Reiki

You want a life that is peaceful and free.

I offer highly effective guided meditations and reiki for anxiety. My methods bring natural relief for anxiety of all types including panic attacks, dizziness, intrusive thoughts, neurological symptoms, nausea and much more. You’ll feel blissful, uplifted, empowered and – above all – thankful to yourself for having the courage to take back control and conquer anxiety. Say hello to a life of calm, certainty and happiness.

Free Meditations

Check out my guided meditations to release anxiety and feel wonderfully calm.

Distance Healing

I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve balance and clarity through reiki for anxiety.


Proven methods to quickly shift and heal anxiety blocks, permanently.

About Eva Lane

Reiki Practitioner

I have a lifetime’s experience of anxiety – I don’t remember a time in my childhood when anxiety wasn’t present. Diagnosed at age 22, I began to claim my life back. I now have 20 years’ experience in healing.

Read about how I beat overwhelming, terrifying and shameful anxiety – and how I can help you grow into a liberated, vibrant and joyful life.

Remarkable results with my online courses

If you’re tired of feeling tense, anxious and fearful – and you’re ready to truly take control and re-claim your life of peace, ease and calm: In my courses, I share my incredibly effective, little-known insider formulas for smart healing.

Dizzy No More

For balanced, grounded clarity.

Heal Your Panic Attacks

Vanquish fear and feel confident.

Ho’oponopono Peace

Heal anxiety – past, present and future.

Distance Healing

You’re blocked and stuck in anxiety – you have persistent symptoms that keep coming back even though you’re working so hard to manage and cope. You’re not getting the results you need through other treatments, but you’re not quite sure why.

In my distance healing sessions, I use reiki for anxiety to dissolve energy blocks. The floodgates open and you will see real, lasting, permanent change. Get unstuck and open your energy to possibilities.

Eva, you are amazing! I’ve never had such clarity before and to have it come from a distance healing was incredible. It absolutely described who I am, what I experience and the past life… wow! It explained so much about things that have happened in my life. I’m feeling more confident. I feel physically lighter, as if I’ve lost weight but also emotionally lighter as well. I feel that I now truly believe my goals will become a reality.

Emma L


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Anxiety brings with it a wide range of physical symptoms. You may feel lightheaded and dizzy or have a racing heart. You may also experience flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, chest pain, chills and fatigue. While it may seem strange that your anxiety can cause...

Can vertigo be caused by stress?

I have come to realize that the vertigo I experience is mostly tied to my anxiety. It’s a frightening connection, but understanding this connection is key in learning how to manage my vertigo. And I know I’m not alone. For many women, stress is an ever-present force...