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I’m Eva Lane and I’ll show you how to treat anxiety through Reiki energy healing.

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Panic attack heart rate – what is safe?

Q: Hi Eva, what is the highest panic attack heart rate that I’m safe to have? When I panic, my heart beats out of my chest and I can feel myself getting sweaty and dizzy. I’m just wondering what these panic attacks are doing to my body long-term and...

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Why does depersonalization make you feel tired?

Depersonalization, also known as dissociation or derealization, is an anxiety symptom which gives you a floating feeling and a sense of unreality… and makes you exhausted. Here's why. Today I want to talk to you about depersonalization (or derealization)...

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Worried about every ache and pain?

If every twinge and niggle is making you anxious, and you’re worried about every ache and pain, this blog post will show what you can do to ease your stress. I want to talk to you about health anxiety.  This is a particular type of anxiety where you are...

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Anxiety giving you twitches out of nowhere?

Twitches out of nowhere and involuntary spasms driving you nuts? Here are the reasons why anxiety may be to blame… Today I want to talk to you about twitching - when you get twitches out of nowhere they are super, super annoying. These are little spasms...

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Waking up in a panic gasping for air?

When you are waking up in a panic gasping for air it is highly likely you are having a nocturnal panic attack. Here is what you can do to relax, calm down and get back to sleep after an anxiety attack at night. Watch the video or continue reading below…...

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How to choose to be happy when you have anxiety

In today’s blog, I’d like to talk to you about how you choose to be happy. Happiness IS a choice - learn how you are in charge of your own happiness and follow these steps to become more positive. Firstly, I just want to define happiness first and this is...

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How to calm down during an anxiety attack

In this blog post I will show you how to calm down during an anxiety attack - I will share some great quick stress relief techniques that will help you handle a panic attack when it strikes. Ok, Butterfly, you have 2 options: If you’re having a panic...

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Feeling really dizzy for no reason?

Feeling dizzy for no reason, vertigo and lightheadedness are an anxiety symptom. Here's how to calm your sudden dizzy spells that seem to come from nowhere. Free download: Stop Dizziness from Anxiety – energy healing MP3 meditation If you’re watching this...

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How to stop obsessing

Want to know how to stop obsessing? Are dark and intrusive thoughts ruining your life? This blog post will teach you how to stop obsessive thinking and get rid of unwanted thoughts for GOOD. Today, I want to talk to you about an anxiety symptom that’s...

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Am I procrastinating because I’m a perfectionist?

Pinpoint your procrastination issue - its probably perfectionism and anxiety. Learn how to spot perfectionism symptoms before they overtake your life. Today, I want to talk to you about procrastination, specifically, perfectionism and procrastination...

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