From socially anxious to calm and confident, in a single afternoon

Hey Butterfly,

I understand where you’re at.

I understand what it’s like to wake up in the morning, and being suddenly hit with deep dread at the overwhelming thought of the day ahead.

“Will I be triggered? What will jump out at me today? Will I be embarrassed? Judged? Will I look like an idiot?”

These were all questions I used to ask myself – and to be honest the prospect of facing the day just made me want to stay in bed.

My lack of energy and general feeling of powerlessness, triggered just by thinking about needing to interact with other human beings, was simply breathtaking (in the most literal sense! I felt like I could hardly breathe!)

What changed everything for me

I was nobody special. Or so I thought. But a visit from the Archangel Michael one night, when I was at my lowest point of my anxiety, changed everything for me.

Archangel Michael literally appeared next to my bed (he’s super tall!) and taught me how to ground myself and protect my energy (my book teaches you the exact way he taught me to do this, but more about that later).

But the most important thing Archangel Michael did: He harmonized with my heart chakra and connected me with my unique healing vibration.

I awoke the next day with an ability to see auras and heal people.

And I’ve been healing people ever since – going on 12 years now!

The One Thing all my Clients had in Common

I had been seeing clients for several years, when I began to notice a pattern.

All of them experienced anxiety (just like I used to) and, more importantly, it all seemed to be the same type of anxiety.

Clients would tell me their problems:

  • I feel like I am going to pass out or stop breathing when I am driving or shopping
  • Whenever I go out I get over heated, nervous, and my mouth gets dry
  • Anxiety stops me from going out for more than 8 hrs. I miss out on things like camping or visiting my mom in other state
  • Sometimes it’s hard to work up the courage to leave the house

And they would tell me what they really want:

  • I want to find a better job
  • I’d love to enjoy socializing
  • I wish I could just put on a bathing suit and not care what anyone thought
  • I want to laugh and have fun again
  • I miss having connected conversations
  • I wish I could go on vacation with my family

I’m sure you can relate.

In a nutshell, social anxiety is stopping you from feeling like a PARTICIPANT in the world.

Instead, you are feeling a deep divide between yourself and other people.

You CRAVE a deeper connection with people who GET you – and to truly experience situations that are based on enjoyment and living in the moment.

I’m glad you’ve stayed with me this far, because…

I am about to tell you about a book that will truly change your life.

“Social Butterfly” puts a very powerful energy healing technique into your hot little hands, that you can use to directly impact the energy of social situations, and how you feel as a result.

Imagine: Being in a position of calmness and control, rather than waking up feeling helpless and paralysed every morning.

Imagine feeling:

  • Enlightened
  • Strong
  • Empowered
  • Brave
  • Fortunate
  • Happy
  • Joyful
  • Free
  • Simply better

Imagine finally having the tools and techniques that will have you feeling calm and confident in social situations – which when used in the right order and the correct way, will build you up into becoming the social butterfly you’ve only ever dreamed of being.

In this book I will show you how to channel energy in the right way, so that you can read your own energy, as well as the energy of those around you – leading to less guesswork and a deeper level of understanding of people you come into contact with.

You will feel amazed that something so simple could have such a large impact on every area of your life.

You will feel calm, confident, in-control, and most of all: EMPOWERED that you can own social situations with grace and ease.

You can expect results such as:

  • Better job interviews
  • Conversations that start and finish on your own terms
  • Better networking chats
  • Think and respond more quickly in discussions
  • Really feel like you are connecting with people as their equal – rather than feeling judged.

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So what exactly is in the book?

This program of 7 energy healing exercises will make you feel in-control, calm and confident in social situations.

You can use these exercises at any time, in any place – they are quick, simple and discreet.

This is a Kindle book, with illustrations, which can be read and absorbed in the space of a single afternoon.

Here’s an example of some of the illustrations:

From socially anxious to calm and confident, in a single afternoon

Frequently asked questions:

1.       What are your qualifications?

A: I am an energy healer. My ability was opened in me by the Archangel Michael. My techniques have been used alongside traditional treatments with great success. Similarly, I have worked with clients who felt that my techniques were a better fit for them and chose to work with me only.

2.       I’m super-busy and I’m not sure I have time to learn new things.

A: I’ll just ask you to consider how much time these social ordeals are sucking out of you, each and every day. You need to learn these exercises (it will only take a single afternoon the read the whole book) and then practice them, bite by bite, day by day. It’s not always quantity of time, it’s also the QUALITY of time you will create by learning these techniques.

3.       How exactly does energy healing cure social anxiety?

A: Energy is everywhere. It makes up the world we live in. It is the essence of life. Social anxiety robs you of this life essence, which is your’s by birth-right. My exercises tech you how to get your life essence back, and use it for your healing.

4.        What makes Social Butterfly different to other books about Social Anxiety?

A: While many books focus only on the problem – and why it’s such a problem – Social Butterfly has a focus on your wholeness, capability and resourcefulness from the get-go. There is no unnecessary digging about to find why certain things trigger you, it’s about making life more comfortable for yourself, as quickly and easily as possible.

Social Butterfly puts my knowledge directly into your hands so that you can use it at your own pace and in a way that fits you.

The content of Social Butterfly is designed for you to take it, try it, master it and use it in all areas of your life, for the rest of your life – in whatever way suits you.

5.       I don’t have a Kindle. Will you be doing a paperback version of Social Butterfly?

You don’t need a Kindle to read my book. Amazon has plenty of apps so that you can download and read the book on any device. In fact, you just use any of the buttons below to navigate to the Social Butterfly page on Amazon and you will see the button, directly below the image of the cover, that says “Read on any device.” It’s so simple and easy!

Act NOW. Don’t let social anxiety rob you of another single second of your life.

Click on your flag to be directed to your local Amazon site and purchase Social Butterfly:




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What’s more – I guarantee that these exercises will work for you. If not, Amazon has an iron-clad refund system and you can get your money back in one click. No worries!

Though, if you’re anything like these women, you won’t be wanting one:

“Wow! This book is powerfully transformative, and packed with practical strategies to put you at ease in social situations. The exercises are easy to follow and well worth pursuing for results that will lighten the ‘intensity’ of the most anxiety provoking scenarios. You will feel energised, dynamic and empowered. You will actually find yourself looking forward to social interactions as your focus your energy turns with an easy going acceptance ‘outward’ – a far more productive state than getting sucked into your panicky internal monologue of doom. You will deal with the dreaded spotlight better, and you will feel that quiet confidence and assuredness that no matter what you are feeling you are safe and the universe most definitely has your back. A must read for handling social situations like a pro 🙂 when you are feeling anything but” – Ashley Black, Author: “Sugarcoat”

“Hi Eva, I’m in the last few chapters of the book. Every morning I do the grounding, white light, and sending white light out (to my home, my car, my family and even my cat) exercise. Sometimes I do the grounding exercise before bed. I enjoy the exercises. I have sent white light out to some places I am going to, which minor anxiety comes up at sometimes (just going to a market or the aquarium) and the results for both occasions have been very good; I ended up having a very good time while feeling completely relaxed.” – Tara Akuna, YinYangDiet.ca


“Highly recommendable! The author has done an incredible job here – this book is the perfect mix between personal experience, practical advice and hands-on exercises. This book combines the foundations of change – awareness and actions – by giving you insight in your own social anxiety and offering you tools to develop your own strategies and deal with the situations at hand. I highly recommend this book – whether you are dealing with social anxiety yourself or working as a coach/trainer with clients overcoming social anxiety” – Elles Lohuis, Life & Career Coach

“I really resonated with this book. Despite having studied counselling and art therapy myself, I have always personally struggled with social anxiety. Typical treatments such as CBT have not worked for me. This book provides a very important jigsaw piece of the social anxiety healing puzzle, linking energy healing to improving social anxiety. When I first started reading, it was a revelation, and exactly what I needed to hear! The tone of the writing is encouraging, warm and honest and the practical exercises are awesome! What I really loved about this book is the fact that it empowers readers to take responsibility for their anxiety, giving them the tools to be in control in situations that used to be scary for them and which once seemed out of their control. I will be using these techniques both on myself and future clients. So grateful that the author wrote this book! I think it will help many people! Also, in the version I read there were some small grammatical errors, but don’t let this put you off, as the content is amazing!” – Gemma White, SuccessfulCreativeSoul.com

“A well written book with easy to use instructions. Straightforward; no mumbo jumbo to put you to sleep. You’ll be able to reference this book over & over.” – Thanielle Adams (review on Amazon).

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