Magic Ho’oponopono side effects

Ho’oponopono changed my life and cured my anxiety…

I never imagined I would say this…but ho’oponopono has given me a superpower.

That sounds cheesy, but I can’t think of any other way to describe the incredible self love, forgiveness and well being I felt once I unlocked the magic of ho’oponopono meditation by combining it with reiki.

I feel happy, relaxed and contented… it’s like all the negative thoughts and feelings that used to flood my body and control my daily life have been washed away.

In their place, I feel a newfound sense of love and forgiveness for myself and others.

Ho’oponopono has given me the ability to live in the present moment and create my own future with a clear, focused mind.

Instead of emotional pain, I feel a deep sense of inner calm.

I feel free.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I had stress, depression & anxiety. My mental health ruled my life.

I felt lost, alone, and unhappy. I was lost when it came to emotional healing and forgiveness.

To be honest, I didn’t truly understand what I was going through – I just felt detached, empty-but-searching, kind-of restless and alone.

I was constantly seeking out distractions to numb my feelings and escape from myself, because I didn’t want to feel what I was feeling.

But deep down, I knew that there had to be a better way. (And there was: my Ho’oponopono Peace, my audio guided meditation program that will help you heal the past, connect with the present and create your future. More about that later…) 

natural anxiety relief

You can identify with any of these negative feelings if you:

  • Can’t seem to shake your anxiety and self-doubt no matter what you do

  • Feel like you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out

  • Don’t feel like you are good enough or deserving of happiness

  • Are afraid you can never get rid of your anxiety and uncertainty

  • Feel like you have tried everything, and that you are doomed to wallow in misery

  • Worry that you are too broken to ever be healed​​​​​

  • Wonder when your time will come – when will it be your turn to be happy?

When your mind is cluttered with negative thoughts and feelings, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. And the deeper you sink into anxiety, depression, and self-doubt – the more overwhelmed you feel.

The human body responds to high stress levels by making you sick with physical illness, such as:

  • racing heart
  • tightness in your chest
  • digestive issues
  • sleep disturbances
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • muscle tension
  • brain fog
  • irritability
  • restlessness
  • jumpiness
  • nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, hair pulling)
  • on edge all the time
  • difficulty concentrating or thinking straight
  • racing thoughts
  • worrying about things excessively
  • in a constant state of panic
  • tension in your body
  • a sense of impending doom
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • dizziness
  • lightheadedness
  • nausea
  • hot flashes or chills
  • palpitations
  • tremors or shaking
  • sweating
  • feeling faint
  • sudden mood swings
  • numbness
  • sensation of being outside your body
  • feeling like you’re in a dream
  • fear that you’re going crazy
  • the list goes on… I’m yet to get to the end of a list of anxiety body symptoms…

    But the physical symptoms of your anxiety and depression are just a small part of what you’re going through. You feel lost, alone, and disconnected from yourself – like something is missing.

    And it’s really difficult to describe that deep emptiness of being lost and alone, even in a crowded room. It’s the grief of being unfulfilled and searching for something that will never be found. It’s the hunger of being trapped in a never-ending cycle of want and dissatisfaction.

    Something is missing

    That emptiness feels like a deep ache in your chest, an emotional hunger that seems to come from nowhere. I can only describe it as emptiness, like there’s a deep hole inside that can never be filled.

    It’s a deep longing, and dissatisfaction.

    And then it starts to fill your head, this sense of emptiness and searching.

    The search for the missing piece is what led me to ho’oponopono. I was desperate to find a way to heal my mental health and find inner peace.

    I didn’t think it could work for me.

    I was wrong.

    If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t it. But if you’re truly ready to evolve, then ho’oponopono can change everything.

    When I first heard about Ho’oponopono, I was a little skeptical. I mean, how could just repeating some phrases help to fix emotional wounds? But I was desperate, and so I decided to give it a try.

    The process of Ho’oponopono is simple but powerful: you connect with your true self, forgive yourself and others, and release any negativity or thoughts that are blocking you from happiness and connection. At first, I found it difficult to connect with my true self. But with time and practice, I slowly began to feel less pain and more connection. And as I released the negative emotions that were holding me back, I began to feel happier and more content.

    I broke the system… and it healed me

    Slowly, I felt I was regaining control of my emotions and mental health. I was becoming more able to handle daily stress without anxiety taking over.

    And then… something amazing happened. Ho’oponopono activated with my unique reiki and energy healing vibration, and an amazing energy was unleashed.

    I was accessing deeper and deeper levels of healing, and my health improved more than I could have ever imagined. Today, I am happier, healthier, and more at one with myself than ever before.

    anxiety relief

    Going beyond Ho’oponopono truly started to activate miracles everywhere

    I look back on the “bad old days” and I can hardly believe that I used to be someone who was constantly stressed and anxious. Anxiety can be debilitating and make everyday life feel like a struggle.

    Believe me – I know it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to healing anxiety.

    Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian forgiveness practice that helps release past traumas and emotional pain. It’s an ancient tradition, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years as modern science is starting to recognize the powerful effects of mantras to rewire brain synapses and reconnect energetic pathways in the body.

    The extra step to eliminate anxiety, self-doubt and negative beliefs

    This ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice helped me release past pain, and allowed me to fully let go and move forward.

    I inhaled trust, exhaled acceptance and allowed positive energy, self esteem and emotional stability to flow through me, like a river of healing. And I truly believe that anyone can soothe their anxiety and self-doubt using Ho’oponopono – the power of self-healing is within us all.

    But not everyone has access to this transformative power… the emotional healing comes from developing a deep trust, and then going the extra step to eliminate anxiety, uncertainty and negative self-beliefs.

    If you want to experience true freedom, you need to go deeper

    Learning to trust yourself, opening your heart to healing, and watching as the emotional blocks begin to melt away can trigger resistance. This is the thing not many people know, and it is far and away the biggest reason why people give up on Ho’oponopono.

    It’s true that with self-love and compassion, anything is possible.​​​ The key to emotional freedom is to practice Ho’oponopono in the best way to unleash its transformative power by truly holding it in your heart.

    And this is more challenging than it sounds.

    It took more than a few deep breaths for all my bad feelings to melt away

    I had only ever recited the traditional Ho’oponopono like a robot, in the mirror. I had committed to saying the mantra repeatedly, and yet I saw zero results.

    A few moments and a few words were never going to give me the benefits of a whole new life.

    But then, something changed. I made a decision to fully immerse myself in the practice and feel it in my heart. The benefits started coming almost immediately – I could see clear results within just a few weeks, and today, I am truly happy and at one with myself for the first time in years.

    Deep connection shifted me into a state of inner peace, balance & forgiveness

    The old me felt like I was never good enough, always worried about the future, and disconnected from myself and the people I loved.

    These emotions caused me to feel isolated and alone, and they made it difficult for me to maintain healthy relationships with others.

    I struggled to focus and stay productive when I was struggling with anxiety and overwhelm.

    The one big issue of anxiety and overwhelm that I faced was the isolation and loneliness that it caused. I felt like I was alone in my struggle, and that no one could understand what I was going through. This made it difficult for me to connect with others, and it caused me to feel even more isolated and alone.


    If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to go deeper

    The benefits of Ho’oponopono are vast. The mantra can help you to heal your past, connect with your present and create your future. However, the secret to getting the most out of Ho’oponopono is not in the mantra itself, but in how it is applied.

    By repeating the mantra with intention, you can begin to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. As you let go of the past, you open yourself up to new possibilities in the present. And by expressing gratitude for all that you have, you set the stage for abundance in the future. When used in this way, Ho’oponopono can be a powerful tool for creating lasting change in your life.

    Then, the real magic comes when you emotionally connect with the words, and combine those feelings with visualizations. By repeated mantras and visualization, you can connect with this energy and allow it to flow through you. This will help you to release any negativity from your past, and connect with the positive energy of the present. In addition, by using Ho’oponopono to connect with your higher self, you can receive guidance on your future path. By following this process, you can maximize the benefits of Ho’oponopono and use it to create lasting change.

    Sounds complex, right? Don’t worry.

    Using my process, you can use Ho’oponopono to access a powerful source of healing energy. It can help you to forgive yourself and others, release the past, and connect with a deep sense of calm.

    When you’re struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, it can feel like you’re alone in your struggle.

    But that’s not the case. Thousands of people are feeling the same way that you are, and they’re using my Ho’oponopono Peace program to heal the past, connect with the present and create their future.

    From struggling with anxiety to peaceful and thriving in life

    The Ho’oponopono Peace program allowed me to forgive myself for my past mistakes, open up my heart to healing, and finally connect with my higher power. Through this experience, I learned how essential it is for me to forgive myself in order to create a healthy space within my heart. Doing so broke down barriers that had been keeping me from connecting deeply with an inspiring higher energy – which ultimately led me on the path of being an energy healer!


    I feel happier and more fulfilled than ever before, thanks to Ho’oponopono Peace. And if you’re struggling with anxiety or self-doubt, I encourage you to try it out for yourself – it could completely change everything for you too.


    Such a wonderful audio guided meditation program that focuses on healing past traumas and reconnecting with the present moment – I was finally able to let go of my old feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.


    Through this powerful practice, I learned how to trust myself again, open my heart to healing, and focus on living in the present moment. And today, I am truly happy and deeply settled for the first time in years.


    Are you ready to experience the benefits of Ho’oponopono for yourself? Try out my Ho’oponopono Peace program today and discover a new path to health, happiness, and joy.

    So what exactly is my Ho’oponopono Peace program?

    Ho’oponopono Peace is a safe, effective audio guided meditation program that guides you to heal your past, connect with your present and create your future.

    You do this through 3 audio tracks that focus on each step of the healing process – from forgiveness, to letting go and connecting with gratitude.

    The tracks are quick, easy and most of all… super powerful. You will notice a difference almost instantly, and you will begin to see benefits that last far beyond your next meditation session.

    The Ho’oponopono Peace program saved my life. It helped me to move past my old patterns of anxiety and negativity and instead learn to focus on the present moment, forgive myself for past mistakes and create a positive future that I can be proud of.


    Why should you Choose my Ho’oponopono Peace program?

    Unlike other meditation programs, this one is 100% focused on creating a healing experience for you. There’s no fluff, just proven steps that have helped myself, and countless others improve their lives and find happiness.


    The Benefits of Ho’oponopono Peace are many.

    First and foremost, it can help you to forgive yourself and others for past mistakes. This forgiveness is the first step on the path to healing, and can release negative energy that has been holding you back for years.

    Second, Ho’oponopono Peace helps you to connect with the present moment. This connection allows you to live in the now and focus on what’s important, rather than letting the past control you. Finally, by using Ho’oponopono to create a positive future, you can manifest your dreams into reality.

    All of these benefits make my Ho’oponopono Peace program an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their life. Try it today and see for yourself!

    Try out my Ho’oponopono Peace program Today and Start Healing, Connecting, and Creating the Future of your Dreams.

    Start using Ho’oponopono Peace and you will soon feel:

    • Forgiveness for past mistakes
    • Healing of past traumas
    • Connecting with the present moment
    • Creating a positive future
    • Manifesting your dreams and goals
    • Improved health and well-being
    • Happiness and joy

    So why wait? Try out my Ho’oponopono Peace program today and start experiencing these results for yourself!

    For years, I suffered from depression and lack of motivation – but with Ho’oponopono Peace, I learned how to create a positive outlook on life and use the power of forgiveness to open my heart and soul. Today, I’m living a life full of joy and peace, and it’s all thanks to this audio guided meditation program.


    For the longest time, I felt like I was in a downward spiral of negative emotions, unable to break out of the cycle. But then I found Ho’oponopono Peace and everything changed. With this program’s audio guided meditations, I learned how to forgive myself for past mistakes and open my heart for healing. I can now focus on the present moment and create a positive future for myself, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.


    I was really skeptical when I first heard about Ho’oponopono Peace. I mean, how could some audio guided meditations help me to heal the past and create a positive future? But then I tried it out and wow… the results were amazing. Forgiveness for past mistakes, healing of past traumas, connecting with the present moment – it was all there. And the best part is that it’s helped me to manifest my dreams into reality. If you’re on the fence about trying out this program, don’t be! It will change your life.


    I’ve been able to blend this program into my daily life easily and reap the benefits of its healing effects. The audio guided meditations are easy to follow, and I can feel the difference in my mood and outlook instantly. This program has helped me forgive myself for past mistakes, connect with the present moment, and create a positive future – thank you Eva, from the bottom of my heart.


    I’m not one to usually write testimonials, but Ho’oponopono Peace absolutely blew me away. I was skeptical at first, but after trying out the program I realized how beneficial it is to integrate forgiveness and meditation into your daily routine. The audio guided meditations make it easy to follow along and focus on the present moment – which is something that I struggle with regularly. Thank you for developing this incredible tool.


    I manifested my dream job, thanks to Ho’oponopono Peace! I had always wanted to find a career that combined my love of writing with my passion for helping others, but I never knew how to make it happen. Until I found this program, that is. With its audio guided meditations and focus on forgiveness and the present moment, I was able to connect with my passion more deeply and create a positive future for myself. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you achieve your goals, look no further than Ho’oponopono Peace.


    Unlock the Full Power of Healing and Transformation with Ho’oponopono Peace

    Try out my Ho’oponopono Peace program today! You won’t regret it. This powerful audio guided meditation program will help you heal the past, connect with the present moment, and create a positive future – giving you the tools you need to succeed in all areas of life. Whether you’re looking to get a new job, climb the corporate ladder, or simply improve your happiness and well-being, Ho’oponopono Peace will help you achieve your goals.

    I guarantee that you will be amazed by the powerful results that Ho’oponopono Peace can deliver. I guarantee that you will feel more at peace, more connected to the present moment, and more positive about your future. And I guarantee that you will be able to achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before with this incredible audio guided meditation program. So don’t wait – try Ho’oponopono Peace today and start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of!