Reiki sessions in Newcastle, NSW

I am a trusted and experienced reiki practitioner in Newcastle NSW. I am excited to announce that I will soon offer in-person sessions that can help you achieve relief from anxiety symptoms.

After needing to close down and pivot due to Covid-19, I have found a new sacred space that will provide the perfect backdrop for us to work together.

Reiki healing designed for you

My reiki sessions are tailored specifically to you and are designed to help you heal from within.

As your certified reiki practitioner, I use a combination of different reiki techniques to help you relax and find balance.

I understand that traditional therapy can become repetitive, so I strive to provide active role in your healing journey.

With my reiki sessions, you will gain the confidence to know that your future is in good hands.

You will also have the freedom to be the person you want to be, feel secure, and succeed in life.

How does Reiki work to restore balance and harmony?

Reiki works on the energetic level to clear and heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress.

Reiki energy taps into a universal life force energy that helps to re-balance your body’s energies. It is non-intrusive but powerful in its ability to bring about personal growth and transformation.

People describe their Reiki sessions with me as calming and deeply relaxing.

I promise that when you come for a reiki treatment, you will experience profound relief from any anxiety symptoms and feelings of overwhelm.

My reiki sessions are designed to help bring a sense of connection and peace back into your life so that you can start living your best life again!

Reiki is an ancient practice that restores harmony by using energy-based techniques to clear blockages in your energy fields.

It works on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – to create a profound sense of peace and well-being.

I am committed to helping women with high functioning anxiety find the strength and courage to move forward towards their goals.

With reiki healing, I promise that you will experience renewed hope and confidence in yourself!

Why should I trust Eva as my Reiki Practitioner?

I am deeply committed to my reiki practice and the healing journey of my clients.

While Covid-19 did force me to temporarily close my doors and offer distance healing only, I now feel drawn to offer in-person sessions again.

I deliver ongoing support and personal development for my clients. You can trust me because I have the experience and knowledge to help you heal from within.

I understand how anxiety can lead to feeling stuck in our lives, so I am here to offer ongoing healing support that will help you break free from this cycle and start living life with more peace.

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My reiki training and credentials

Learning reiki through the Tan Ran Lineage has truly been an incredible journey of self healing and discovery.

I’ve made a dedicated effort to honor my learning process through mindful practices, setting mindful intentions, and learning how to confidently help others on their journey.

Taking the understanding that I am capable of helping others feel better is profoundly humbling, and it’s why I continue learning more about self-healing with every day that passes.

I am committed to my professional development.

I believe training and expanding my knowledge of this ancient practice are essential to providing meaningful, high-quality services to my clients.

I view the effort I devote to furthering my professional growth as an investment into both myself and the many generations of those who benefit from the healing effects of reiki.

Learning Reiki was more than just learning a practice

It was learning to tap into the unseen, unwavering spiritual energy that already existed within me.

That energy has been there all along guiding me, even before I knew what Reiki was and how I could use its power to heal.

Learning Reiki helped give me the language and understanding of how to connect with this energy, but I know now that there are many other ways to pick up on this same vibration.

Reiki Newcastle: Get Started Today!

If natural healing is something that resonates with you, I can help you find the confidence to move forward on your reiki journey.

My natural healing modalities are designed to help you thrive and create a better life for yourself.

Reiki treatment involves the use of natural healing energy to clear and heal, allowing for blockages in your energy fields to be released.