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My name is Eva Lane and I’m a Reiki practitioner. I use energy healing to help women with anxiety issues.

On this page, I tell my story. It’s a tale of anxiety, angels and auras. If you want to know my story and how I ended up offering energy healing support to women with anxiety, keep reading…

Anxiety – my crisis point

I was diagnosed (finally!) with anxiety disorder in 2002, aged 22. My entire life, up until this point, had been shadowed by fear and apprehension. I was obsessive (though not compulsive) over things like my health and being a danger to myself and the people I loved. This led to me living a very lonely and isolated existence, where I feared connecting with other people in case they discovered what a horrible person I really was. Diagnosis came when I completely broke down one night, being triggered by seeing a knife in the kitchen. Intrusive thoughts of myself stabbing my boyfriend filled my brain and I curled up on the floor, screaming – just trying to get the thoughts to go away. My boyfriend bundled me off to one of those late-night walk-in doctor clinics. My experience there was not great, but at least it was a first step. The young doctor on duty told me he was “extremely worried” and referred me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist diagnosed me with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Being diagnosed put a lot of the puzzle-pieces in place. Learning that my condition had a name and that there were others just like me was enlightening and empowering. But it was just the beginning of my healing journey. With the help of my psychiatrist and books by Dr Claire Weekes, I learned that my anxiety was simply a matter of my primitive brain going into overdrive due to years of being triggered, with little respite.

My (next) crisis point

Fast-forward a couple of years, to 2004. I lived in a different city, and I had a different boyfriend. I was on a plane, and I felt a twitch in my right arm, and then my arm from the elbow down went numb. This numbness and tingling spread progressively up my arm and then over the next two weeks spread further until my entire body was a tingling, throbbing mess of nerve endings. I went to see a doctor (different clinic), who said very bluntly “I think you have multiple sclerosis.” Well. That triggered the worst, longest, hardest panic attack of my life. It lasted 6 weeks. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and all I could do was obsess about MS (there are different treatments today that make quality of life much better for people with MS, these were not available 10 years ago and the prognosis was a lot bleaker than it would be today). I was terrified. Constantly. Waiting for medical tests, and the result of the medical tests, was torture.

Angels – My turning point

This is where my story gets interesting. It was during this protracted anxiety meltdown, that the Archangel Michael appeared to me one night. I had been trying to sleep, and I was in a fitful state of delirium. It felt like my soul was trying to escape my body – as if I was floating a few feet above myself. And then, a really, really, really tall guy appeared next to my bed. “Sit up,” he said. So I sat up. “Turn and sit on the edge of your bed, with your feet flat on the floor,” he instructed. So I did that. “Put yourself into your feet,” he said, teaching me how to ground myself. And then he said: “I want you to listen to me. There is nothing wrong with you…” And the rest of our interaction was non-verbal. He connected with my heart chakra, imparting pure truth and love. I guess the closest way to describe our interaction was like telepathy, except he bypassed my brain and went straight to the heart chakra. He poured pure truth into me, and I accepted his energy without question. Then he spoke again: “Do you understand?” And I said “Yes.” Then he said: “Now go to sleep.” So I did. I slept the best I’ve ever slept in my life. I’ve never slept as well before, or after, this event. I awoke refreshed, happy and… seeing auras. And I was officially cleared of having MS. The numbness and tingling was put down to anxiety.

Auras – My healing point

An aura is a person’s energetic blueprint, which stretches beyond their physical body in layers, for several feet. I see auras as blobs of colour, texture, pattern and heat. The different colours and textures correspond with different areas of a person’s life. I can see imbalances in energy, as well as areas of excitement (for example I can see incoming new babies!) Making sense of it all – how I came to offer anxiety support The Archangel Michael had connected me with an energetic healing vibration that I need to share with the world. He appeared to put me back on track and remind me of my life’s purpose. And the path has not been easy. I’ve still had to find my own way in life – find a way to integrate my vibration with an earthly need. I went public in 2008, telling the world about my ability to see, read and heal auras. My clients came from all walks of life, but gradually it became apparent that they mostly were women. Over time, I came to realise that there were 2 different “types” of women who were attracted to me: Those who just wanted a psychic reading (I stopped providing this kind of service because I learned that the future is not written in stone and I could only ever tell a client the most likely outcome, based on current circumstances. You create your own future. You do.) Women who needed help in reconnecting with their own energy and purpose. And these women all seemed to have one thing in common:

Anxiety. Just like I used to have.

And these women express the exact same feelings I had:
    • Loneliness (isolation, due to not being able to speak to anyone about your anxiety)
    • Fear (the worry that things will fall apart when you are working so hard to keep it all together)
    • Shame (your logical brain knows that anxiety is a mindgame but still you can’t seem to kick the anxiety once and for all)
    • Terror (jumping to the worst case scenario – that you will unravel, [email protected]#$ it all up and it will all be your fault)


In 2017, I decided it was time to get a “proper qualification” for my energy healing. I was attuned to Reiki 1 in April 2017 and Reiki 2 in September 2017. To be honest, I always knew that my healing ability was strong – but there is an entire energy healing industry out there and to be recognised by your peers you need a credential. My attunements were profound moments of healing for myself, personally. But the way I work – the techniques – is still the same as it has always been. My clients still get great results. The energy just flows where it needs to go, just as it always has.

Moving forward

Soon, I will be offering courses to teach self-healing techniques to people who would like to heal anxiety at their own pace, and get results in their own time.

Learn about my Distance healing service and my Heal Your Panic Attacks course.

I am always growing, always learning, always evolving.

And you are, too.

Never underestimate your own ability to turn your own struggles into victory. It is never too late for you.

If I can do this, then you certainly can too.

Well! There it is. My story – who I am, and what I stand for.

I’d love for you to connect with me via facebook, or contact me directly to tell me about your own anxiety story.

Make sure you download a few of my Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety, too.

Use my sitemap to navigate the site!

I look forward to helping you.

Love + light
Eva xo

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