Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety

Welcome to my Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety library.

I offer my energy healing affirmations, meditations and mantras to you here, for free.

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Heal anxiety, panic and stress. Find relaxation, mindfulness, positivity, self esteem, acceptance, confidence, calm and peace.

My intention is to give you quick and effective energy healing techniques and visualizations that you can use in your every day life to help you heal anxiety.

There are now too many free guided meditations for anxiety to fit on a single page so make sure you click through to the next page to see all of the meditations available.

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Love + light

Eva xo

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A gentle free MP3 Intention to listen to whenever you feel the simmering resentment beginning to bubble up and spill over, affecting every area of your life. Ideal for you…

This free panic self help mp3 track is designed for you to listen to DURING an anxiety attack. It contains a countdown from 20 to 1, and during this time…

Plagued by bad anxiety after drinking alcohol? Everything aches, you want to throw up, your head is banging and you can’t shake the heavy tension, coupled with feelings of guilt…

Stop dizziness from anxiety with this free 8-minute guided meditation, divinely channelled to help relieve your vertigo caused by stress.

Attract new good friends into your life - This free mp3 meditation will heal feelings of being alone plus guide you through a visualization for forgiving others who hurt you…

Feel like you're going crazy? This free MP3 shows you how to bring healing white light into your mind, to create space between your brain cells. With extra space, you…

Listen to this Build Confidence to Start Conversations meditation MP3 to feel ready to start every conversation from a place of self-love.

Enjoy this free Ho'oponopono MP3 as my gift to you. This is an ancient Pacific Island healing mantra which has created miracles in the lives of millions.

This free energy protection meditation MP3 is magic for social anxiety. In under 4 minutes, you will go from feeling scared and vulnerable to safe and calm.

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