Heal Your Panic Attacks

… and get control of your life back

It’s safe to say that you are currently trapped in the endless tunnel of panic attacks, and you want OUT.

I get it, I do.

I know what it’s like to have my life constantly interrupted by fear and anxiety – to feel like I’m ruled by this untameable beast that will remain in control for the rest of my life.

And I know what it’s like to wonder what will the rest of my life be like, if I continue to allow the beast to remain in control.

I know what it’s like to feel terrified.

To wonder when the next intrusion will happen.

To avoid the things that used to bring me pleasure (like eating out, going places, even talking to friends).

To feel ashamed that I am a shadow of my former self.

To have no clear way of fixing it.

To feel like I’ve tried, and failed.

Believe me, Butterfly: I’ve been there.

And I would still BE in this miserable place in my life if not for one key lesson.

More about that later.

But first, let’s talk about YOU!

Can you identify with any of these:

    • You are sick of panic attacks ruling your life
    • You avoid certain situations, places and people for fear of breaking into panic
    • You feel constantly on-edge, wondering when the next panic attack will strike
    • You feel overwhelmed by the mental torture of trying to remain composed
    • You feel lost in the swirling quicksand of panic attacks
    • Your mind, body, soul and spirit are just TIRED
    • You feel like panic attacks have stolen your spark for life
    • You are using up so much energy just trying to stay safe and sane
    • Your loved ones need more from you, but there’s literally nothing left
    • You feel ashamed that your life has come to this
    • You want to stop panic attacks from happening in the first place
    • You’re looking for a safe and natural solution to soothe panic and build confidence
    • You want to live a life of peace, freedom and calm

You would also love to stop the full-body hijack that comes with each panic attack:

    • Feeling like you can’t breathe
    • Feeling like your heart is beating so fast it might explode
    • Bewildering dizziness
    • Overwhelming nausea
    • Dry mouth
    • Shaking
    • Sweating

And you may have tried some of these things already:

    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    • Mindfulness
    • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
    • Medication
    • Counselling

Which is fantastic – in fact, any thing you can do to take action and get your life back is a step in the right direction.

But – the one thing that none of the above things do, is to reconnect you, at the energetic level, to your real and true self.

And without that connection, you will remain in this endless cycle of panic attacks forever.

Let me explain that – When your life is ruled by panic attacks, it means that you are stuck in a constant cycle, going backwards. Every panic attack feels like a setback.

Have you ever wondered – if you keep backsliding and being hit with setbacks, how much more of this you can take?


That’s exactly what I was thinking when, back in 2002, my life was chaos.

I lived in a constant state of bewilderment, knowing that something was really off in my life but not knowing what it was.

I would get flat-out terrified during a panic attack, literally feeling like I was going to die – and then afterwards so cranky with myself for being tricked by it again!

Logically, I knew that it was just a panic attack, but that white flash of terror would just completely hijack me and I had absolutely no place to go.

If I could have run from panic attacks, I would have – and I now realise that I tried to – I buried myself in things like junk food, alcohol, shopping and mindlessly consuming trash online.

I became fat and miserable.

I did everything I could to avoid leaving the house – just excluding myself even further and making the panic attacks worse next time I went out, because it was fear on fear on fear.

It was obvious to me that my life wasn’t working and something needed to be done.

The turning point for me was when a friend gave a copy of Dr Claire Weekes’ book “Complete Self Help for your Nerves”.

It’s an old-fashioned book and some of the ideas were more suited to a simpler time – but it was in this book that I first discovered Dr Claire Weekes strategy of “face, accept, float and let time pass”.

I kept that book as my “Bible” and read it any chance I could get. But it took up a lot of time that I didn’t have and I could feel my panic attacks creeping back into my life.


I needed a shortcut.

I needed a process I could use at any time I needed it, and it needed to be quick, easy and have lasting results.

At the same time, I was beginning to see auras, and I was learning that I had the power to make changes to the aura energy patterns I was seeing, with amazing results.

And THEN – I learned that I didn’t even need to actually SEE the aura pattern myself – I could simply visualise it – and get equal, or BETTER results.

With this knowledge, I created the Heal Your Panic Attacks meditation program. I’ve used it on myself for years, and I haven’t had a single panic attack since.

Then I started my Anxious Relief website in 2012, and soon I was contacted by people all over the world who were being held hostage by panic attacks.

I knew that, in order to help people in the best way possible, my meditation program would need to:

    • Be easy to follow
    • Get quick results
    • Be easy to stick to
    • Take only a few minutes a day
    • Be super affordable

Heal Your Panic Attacks is an MP3 program which will guide you to feel safe and happy, without fear of a panic attack lurking around the next corner.

The program is made up of:

    • A panic self help meditation, for you to listen to DURING your panic attack
    • A recovery track, to soothe and heal your energy field after a panic attack
    • A deep healing track, to heal your panic patterns at their core
    • An affirmations track, to reinforce the deep healing on a daily basis
    • An instruction booklet, which tells you the exact order to listen to these meditations to get the fastest and longest-lasting results

Get peace and freedom, without the time and expense, quickly, easily, and permanently:

    • Get back in charge of your life again
    • Feel connected and purposeful
    • Be able to enjoy each and every moment
    • Feel calm and content
    • Learn to believe in your own healing power
    • Say YES to trying new things
    • Become open to new social and career opportunities
    • Reconnect with your loved ones with a heart that is full and happy
    • Feel a true sense of accomplishment
    • Grow into the “true you”
    • Feel true happiness in your cells
    • Help your friends with your new-found knowledge
    • Build your healing ability each and every time you use this program
    • Know that this technique is 100% natural and safe
    • Be in full control of your life

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this course! It’s never been easy for me to shake off my panic attacks but I could definitely see so much improvement after just a week of using your program. I did not expect this course to be so easy to adapt into my life and that I would be able to actually follow all of the steps without any resistance. Most of us high-anxiety people don’t want to share our struggles with others but we still want to be helped. What makes this program great is you don’t have to communicate with anybody but yourself. You can listen to it anywhere as it’s on your phone at any comfortable place. This is very, very important! It doesn’t take much time or effort, it literally feels like breathing right away. I never felt obligated to listen to a certain track but I actually wanted to do that every time I felt a need. I’d say the best part for me was Eva’s voice! What makes it different from any other meditations and audio affirmations I’ve heard before is that Eva’s voice has such an incredible strength in it that it makes you feel very calm and safe.

Dina Skaia


I can’t wait to see what’s next, because I’m in love with your healing program.  It has made me generally feel more calm and relaxed in my everyday life and assured that everything is going to be OK. The best parts are the recovery track and the affirmation track, they help me the most and I feel very relaxed and even happy after listening to them. Sometimes I listen to the tracks when I am overthinking and cannot sleep at night. The affirmation track makes me feel on top of the world and in control of every single aspect of my life. Thank you so much.

Najwa Ibrahim

English teacher

I absolutely love the meditation tracks! I am using the program daily. I love Eva’s Australian accent and feel that it helps a lot in relaxing and leaning into the meditation. After the first time listening to the course during a panic attack, I realized that I did not come out on the other end exhausted. I often needed days to recover from a panic attack, and this time I felt energetic and calm within hours. I also love the affirmations. Whenever I cannot sleep, I listen to them and somewhere towards the end, I fall asleep. Since my insomnia is mostly anxiety related, that means it really helps. I sleep so much better! I love that! I can fall asleep when I am just tired instead of exhausted. To anyone who is contemplating buying this course and unsure whether to do it, I would say: Every day you wait is a day longer you will have to live with panic attacks and you can stop them now. If this course works even half as well for you as it did for me, it is so worth it!

Sandra Scholman

Web developer

Don’t spend another second being ruled by panic attacks – Get started NOW. Get your life back NOW. Start NOW.

Hit the Buy Now button to access the Heal Your Panic Attacks meditation program NOW:



Use this meditation program for a month and if it hasn’t worked for you, I will refund your money. I KNOW it will change your life, quickly and easily.

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